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Business Telephone System


Business telephone system-Types of systems

If you are looking forward to buying a new system for your business then you should be aware of the different types of systems that are available in the market. There are a few things that you should take into consideration when buying a business telephone system.

When you consider buying a system the first thing that you should decide on is the brand. There are a number of brands in the market that have been functioning for quite sometime. If the company has been providing systems for a long time then it would typically mean that their product is solid and people readily rely on them.

The second thing that should be taken into consideration is the feature that you would like in the system. When you consider the features then you should also consider the fact as to how easy is it to use the system. The price of the system is one more important thing that should be taken into consideration. When buying a business phone system you should go in for a system that is not too cheap and not very expensive also. You should also consider the financing options for your system. Most of the companies that deal with telephone systems offer leasing as an option.

There are mainly three types of systems available in the market namely the KSU-Less Phones, Key systems and the Private Branch Exchange Systems (PBX). The types of phone that you choose would depend on the number of extensions that you require and the features of the phone system that need to be installed. Let us understand each of these systems.

The KSU-Less systems:

the KSU-less systems are usually preferable to companies that have lesser number of employees maybe ten or less than that and would require only ten or lesser extensions. This does not mean that companies that require less than 10 connections can go in for the KSU-Less system. It also depends on the type of features that are required by the company. This may mean that you might require a feature that would be available only with PBX or a Key Phone system and not with the KSU-Less system. As these systems are less expensive they are usually sold and installed by the telecom vendors.

The KSU-less system requires a lower investment initially as compared to the other systems. The KSU Less Phone systems are designed to most of the features that are mostly available through the installation of the small business phone system. These systems can be easily relocated as they do not have a permanent wiring system and this would enable you to use the system more like a business machine. When you take a KSU-Less system then you are required to ensure that it would be compatible with the wiring that you have in your office. Besides this you are also required to ensure that the other accessories like the headset, fax machines as well as the answering machines are also compatible.

With this system it would mean that you would not only shop yourself but also do the installation and the support yourself. Besides this the KSU-Less system is prone to cross talks. This would make the conversations of other people being tapped.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems:

in case your business requires more than forty extensions then you would require and advanced form of phone system. For these systems the PBX is the solution. Earlier these systems used to be expensive but now the rates have come down considerably. These systems were used earlier by large organizations but these days even the smaller organizations are using it. The PBX system can be easily fit on a desktop. These compact phone systems would come with features that are standard. Depending on the programmability you would have to pay a premium for the PBX system. In most of the cases the difference in the price would not be as you can imagine it to be.

Key Systems: the key phone systems are the most typical systems that are used in businesses that require more connections. This phone system would typically use a central control that is called as the Key System Unit (KSU) that would provide the features and the functions that are usually not available with ordinary phones. With the help of this system on extension can call the other in house extension and would prevent any other user from taking the phone line that would already be in use. The key systems come as standard and with most of the features that any business would require. But in some of the cases these systems are less flexible than the PBX phone system.

The PBX and the Key System:

though the Key and the PBX systems have different technical features the differences between these systems has become negligible. There are many key systems that would offer the features of the PBX. There are some systems that would offer either as a PBX or a Key system depending on the type of software that has been installed. Many times these phones are also called as Hybrid Phones. With the system separate conversations can blend into each other.

With the price of the PBX and the Key system going down considerably it would make sense to invest in a full business phone based system rather than investing in a system that would require frequent repair. Hence it is better to make a one-time investment rather than pushing finance into the system every now and then.

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