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Business telephone equipments

The rapidly evolving nature of business and globalization has created a special significance for telephones. With the advent of Internet the concept of virtual office is extending its roots all over the world. It is effective communication what has made the concept of virtual office so successful.

For an effective communication medium, telephone is the most important gadget. Telephone has come up a long way and with the changing nature of business and developing technology even they have advanced. Today businesses have become global and accordingly even the telephonic needs have increased. To cater the rising needs of businesses various types of advanced and multipurpose telephone equipments have been developed. Read through to get an insight on the few most popular and advanced business telephone equipments.

Ergonomic Telephone Accessories

The rising use of telephone makes the conventional instruments more painful and inconvenient to handle. Understanding these needs of businessmen special ergonomic accessories has been developed. These equipments give a convenient and hands free telephonic conversation experience. Headset is the most popular ergonomic telephone accessory. A head sets eliminates the need of holding the receiver with hand. The headset has an earplug and a speaker which allows a hands free talking experience. These headsets have become extremely popular with service industry especially in call centers. These equipments are also popular with marketing businesses and event managers. Moreover, the instruments offer the benefit of doing some other work while talking. Time management as being a crucial factor of business telephone equipments accessory is of great help.

Teleconference Equipments

In big business and companies that are global in nature, often the decision makers or the concerned

individuals are located in different places, in different cities or in different nations. A teleconference allows a virtual meeting. In teleconference more than two people can communicate at one time. To make the teleconferencing more convenient and feasible special teleconferencing equipments have been developed. The simplest equipments allows audio conferencing where as, the advanced version allow video conferencing and exchange of data. A teleconferencing system is audio contains a multilane telephone and speakers, in video conferencing the system includes additional camera and a screen.

VoIP Telephone

VoIP refers to voice over telephonic protocol. This telephonic medium uses Internet as lines for conversation thus also popular as IP telephony, Internet telephony, Broadband telephony, Broadband phone and also Voice over broadband. For VoIP telephone one needs to arrange for the following equipments:

1. Analog Phone

2. Broad Voice Router and Phone Adapter

3. A cable modem and a computer.

With the rising use of Internet these phones have become extremely popular globally. Moreover these phones are highly economical and highly suitable for small businesses.

Features of VoIP

VoIP phones offer a unique functionality wherein the incoming calls can be automatically diverted to the users VoIP phone. It keeps the user connected and receives and make calls from wherever he is. These phones also have an instant messaging service. In addition the phone companies also provide with free calling services to certain numbers. Besides, the business telephone equipments are capable of integrating other services on the internet including video conversation, message or data file exchange in parallel with the conversation and audio conferencing.

Advanced telephone systems

With the rising extend of businesses and the increasing number of on transactions and communications on the phone there aroused a need of having telephone that offer more than just a telephonic conversation. With advances in technology various companies came with several equipments that offered with multiple features. Further more, to meet the needs of big companies special customized systems have been developed. The systems come with many types of equipment which include a multiple line and multiple station processors. The system includes multiple telephones for different points. This system allows the calls to be transferred from on line to another. In addition the simplest system offers the caller ID facility, teleconferencing and voice mail facility. The features greatly relay on type of telephone equipment.

Latest Telephone Instrument

The latest business telephone equipments are extremely versatile to use and come with a variety of features. These phones come with a small screen which displays phone numbers and messages. Few the most common key features that every business telephone instrument include:

1. Automatic line selection

2. Outgoing call restrictions

3. Built in speaker phone

4. Hearing aid compatible

5. Message waiting indications

6. Line ringing

7. Abbreviated ringing

8. Toll call prefix

9. One touch auto dial

10. System speed dial numbers

11. Phone transfer

12. Conference

13. and Call hold feature

Traditional telephone equipments


Intercom though is not latest telephone equipment is still popular with small businesses. In fact they are still popular with cars especially broadcasting vehicles. A intercom system can be installed using two types of wiring Two-Wire party lines or Four-Wire matrix system.

Cordless telephone

Cordless telephone marks the beginning of the wireless telephonic experience. Cordless telephone typically run on battery and allows the user to move freely in a specified area with the equipments. Various styles and version of cordless phones have been developed. The latest phone offer with call waiting, voice recording, call transfer, conferencing and caller ID features. They considered being extremely versatile telephonic equipments.

The types of telephone equipments differ according to the medium such as VoIP requires different equipments as compared to the telephone system, similarly even teleconferencing needs special equipments. However, considering the widening scope of business using these advanced equipments has become extremely vital. No businessman can afford to loose a business because as the client could get through the line. He instead will prefer to keep a phone that offers with multiple lines. Considering all these problems the telephone equipments are being upgraded regularly. On the other hand it is not just the equipment but also telephone lines are being developed to offer faster services. Various services such as DSL and many other have been developed.

Communication is the core of any business and with globalization the importance of communication especially telephones has magnified considerably.

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