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Bar Furniture

Contemporary bar furnishing:

Contemporary bar furnishing is simply an art. Traditionally a Bar reminds us a place where alcoholic drinks are served to guests sitting over risen stools in dim light atmosphere. But now-a-days a Bar has acquired the status of a place where performing arts are displayed to ever interesting guests. In fact a combo culture has been created for sheer enjoyment of customers.

Bar furniture jeweled in shape of counter and stools add intoxication to drinks being enjoyed by guests. A look at the arrangement of bar furniture takes guests to state of desired level of intoxication when they sip their favorite drink. In fact contemporary bar furniture creates velvety state of intoxication. Accordingly choice, fabrication and arrangement of bar furniture have become a modern art in itself. Innovative furniture styles for a bar are available in commercial establishments but creative simplicity cannot be purchased unless imagined artistically. Wood, Glass, Wrought iron are commonly available material to create bar furniture jewels. But marble stones if used with exclusivity furnishes a bar bringing intoxication before you gulp drink to achieve a hasty velvet intoxication. That is why initial high investments by bar owners on creative bar furniture bring regular profitability at an economical rate.

Bar furnishing is an arrangement woven to bring material used look like Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement. Bar furniture made with silky wood and glass does create an ikebana type of intoxication. What about milk- bars. Can milk-bar furnishing arrangements create extra hunger for milk Of course any artistically furnished bar is a stage to take anyone on a velvety heaven. Accordingly choice of bar furniture is subjective to the type of bar and state of intoxication to be achieved.

Colors are very important in every aspect of life. Colors make the mood. That is why a suggestion of bright colors furnishing is to seek happiness of life. Normally in a bar we come across dark shades of color of furnishing. Basic reason for that is the effort of bar furniture to move a guest from one state of mind to another as quickly as possible and that require a force represented by dark colors. Think of pink color, it is lovely but rarely found in bar furniture. Generally bar furniture of dark color is used to entertain personalities with rough attitude seeking velvet intoxication. But if different planets are to be conquered color of bar furniture has to be different than the usual dark.

Rough, tuff, tenable, durable and replaceable should be the ingredients of bar furniture. Initial high investments on furniture by bar owners bring increasingly high revenue when customers are attracted. Certain bars become talk of the town mainly because of their furniture. Bar is a place where customers feel relaxed while sharing their highs and lows with friends. Bar is also a place of performing arts. Artists use bar stage furniture to entertain customers. Dancers regularly use bar counters to attract customers towards their art and sometimes even special such programs are organized in order to create a novelty in performing art. Under all such situations bar furniture bear the brunt. Furniture has to be strong enough to take the weight of artists while they perform using furniture as an art property. Bartenders perform jugglery over the counter using bottles and glasses look like toys. Bar counter add an extra dimension to such a display of art of the bartender. So while selecting bar furniture, the strength and look of material used should be one of main criteria. Bar furniture shines when roughed up in order to bring instant change in moods of the customers.

The decision about types, style and numbers of bar furniture take into consideration variety of factors like physical shape and area of a bar, economic level and class of society visiting the bar, bar timings, location like bar is part of a hotel or independent bar and many other factors. For example if bar is part of a hotel then dcor, style and status of the hotel are also consideration to decide type of furniture required for the bar as bar in a hotel has to remain open for twenty four hours in order to serve anytime guest. Market competition at a place like Las Vegas requires high level professional creation in order to beat available competition in bar furnishing and this needs heavy investment and novel ideas.

Stools and chairs for a bar are manufactured from a wide variety and range of material. Wooden barstools, metal barstools, leather barstools and many other types and verities are available in the market. Then there are swivel seats or fixed seats or may be combinations of both to create a different ambiance. In an outdoor bar like a bar in patio furniture usable in a patio is required. In a patio bar table tops and basis are detachable with provisions for using umbrellas. Folding tables and chairs are also recommended for a patio bar to combat whether conditions.

As stated earlier bar is a place to stage performing arts. Accordingly formation of a stage in a bar is an important furnishing decision. A wooden or glass look like stage is the order of the day but finality depends upon the type of art required to be displayed. Also flexibility and adaptability quality of the stage may force to use a material for furnishing the stage which suits the modern electronic technology as well.

In certain bars windows have earned the name of whispering windows merely because some customers also want the enjoyment of street while sitting near an overlooking window. Here window furnishing acquire the status of an outlook decoration of the bar inviting passing customers to join the party. There material to construct windows, glasses, fabric of curtains and paint style are important decisions to create an aura of whispering windows so that a bar interest is created among passing customers and also in elevation of status of customers sitting near those windows.

In nutshell contemporary bar furnishing is not limited to placing designer furniture but it is an art of creation of ambiance adding an exclusivity, status and economic power making the bar famous on desired local, national or international level.

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