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Outdoor Teakwood Furniture:

Whenever one thinks of furniture, the one thing that comes to mind is teakwood furniture. From decades teakwood furniture is the most popular one and the antique teak furniture is carried from generations to generations. One of the most important characteristic of teakwood is its durability.Because of its durability to all weather conditions it requires little maintenance or even one can tell that teak furniture is maintenance free. Teakwood is a dense hardwood

and teak wood grows in tropical rainforests of Burma, India and Indonesia where weather is hot, humid and wet. Teakwood is the hardest wood and is water resistant, pest resistant and is also resistant to humidity, sun damage and wind damage because of its high natural oil content. Teakwood is also resistant to splintering and shrinking and these are the reasons why teakwood has been the most preferred one and has been used for centuries, in shipbuilding, furniture manufacturing, and in the construction of homes.

In the 1800s during the Victorian era, furniture makers experimented with the idea of creating teak furniture for outdoor use - and that is one of the primary markets for teak furniture even today. Teak park benches found in some European cities date back 100 years. The range of teakwood furniture is not only restricted to indoors but also it is the most popular one in the outdoor furniture. Teak Outdoor furniture comprises of garden and patio furniture, previously woven wicker furniture was mostly used for gardens but it was in late 19th century that teakwood garden furniture began gaining popularity. Because of its unmatching qualities of beauty and durability teakwood furniture is the most preferred one both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Teakwood furniture has a wide range of products for gardens, parks, public places which include a variety of products such as Teak Loungers, Benches, tables, Teak Sun Loungers, Patio and pool loungers, outdoor patio tables, garden arbors, etc. The reasons why Teakwood furniture is the most preferred one are its features like :

Durability: The main characteristic of Teakwood is its durability in all weather conditions, one can test its durability by leaving teakwood furniture outside in the extreme weather conditions and check its durability, even after so many years one can find their teakwood furniture intact but the furniture will acquire a silverfish gray look which will only enhance its overall beauty. This durable characteristic of teakwood is because of its high natural oil content.

Impervious Nature : This impervious nature of teakwood is another amazing characteristic which allows teakwood to be resistant to all types of pests and termites. The silica content allows teakwood to be pest resistant and because of it teakwood does not corrode any metals that come in contact with it.

Longevity : The other notable characteristic of teakwood furniture is longevity which is because of its durable and impervious nature, this furniture doesn?t only last lifelong but also it can be carried from one generation to other easily. The more aged the teakwood tree the harder the teakwood furniture made of it. The age of a teakwood tree can be easily identified by having a look at the annular rings formed every year inside the trunk.

Minimal Maintenance : Teakwood furniture guarantees minimal amount of maintenance as it is pest resistant and durable. One can just rub the furniture with soap water to easily get rid of stains on it. The application of teak oil extends the life of teak furniture. If you do decide to oil your teak furniture, remember to apply the oil before the color begins to fade - and always apply the oil on clean surfaces or else the trapped dirt may cause your teak furniture to turn black.

Designer Friendly : Outdoor furniture made of teak is very classic and simple in design. The natural appearance of teak wood lends itself to uncomplicated designs which can be easily blended with the surrounding architecture and landscape. Over the past 10 years, as designers and architects have become more used to the versatility and durability of teak outdoor furniture, the range in available styles has grown. Along with the classic designs,more streamlined, contemporary designs have reached the markets which are in high demand.

Beauty: Teak furniture is very smooth to the touch and has a pleasant aromatic smell. Not only does teak has a warm appearance, but it also stays very neutral in temperature compared to plastic or metal furniture when exposed to the extreme weather conditions. Teak is one of the few materials that actually beautifies with age. The silvery gray look which develops over time gives teak outdoor furniture a richness and stateliness.

Comfort: Well crafted teak pieces have no sharp edges or angles - armrests, seatslats, backrests and backslats are chamfered and sanded to round out angles. Outdoor furniture is meant to be informal and relaxing. So is the Teakwood furniture designed keeping in mind the comfort it should provide. Most of the outdoor teak furniture, is manufactured with mortise which provides extremely sturdy finished pieces.

Despite of all the above features of teakwood the major constraint of teakwood furniture is its cost. Teak has a reputation for being very expensive and sometimes that is true. While choosing a brand of teak furniture compare workmanship and price. Because of its enchanting and enduring features teakwood furniture is highly rated but Price is not always the best way to compare quality.

So if you are thinking of investing on teakwood furniture for outdoors you are right and furnish your home and garden with variety of teak d?cor. Be sure to compare design, workmanship and price very carefully before specifying. Dont assume that the quality is better if you pay more. Be sure to consider design details and comfort when comparing prices and be sure you are getting the value you expect. After considering all the details one can find teakwood furniture worth it and your investment in teakwood furniture will definitely save your money for years.

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