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Kids Bedroom Furniture

Kids Bedroom Furniture for Kids:

Buying furniture for your home is a major task, especially buying suitable furniture for your kid's room. Kids today want their own space and demand to have a say in how their room will be furnished. Moreover, branded stuff is no longer restricted to their clothes and shoes furniture is included too! You may decide to buy bedroom furniture as a set: a bed, a side table with drawers and mirror, a study desk, etc. You can also buy individual pieces of furniture.


First, here are some tips while buying bedroom furniture for kids:

• Look at the room from your kid's perspective. In fact, ask your children for a few ideas they might just come up with some brilliant ones!

• Plan. Plan. Plan. Don't just rush to buy something those appeals to you haste makes waste! You may end up rashly spending dollars for a perfectly useless piece of furniture.

• Buying online is easy, but it makes more sense to for you to go and actually see the furniture yourself. A cupboard may look spacious in its pretty framed image on the monitor of your computer, but when actually seen could be a cramped one. So head for a store that specializes in kid's furniture and take your kids along!

• Avoid overcrowding your kid's bedroom with furniture there should be space to move around too!

• Try and get some pieces that can be moved around. For example, a trolley with shelves to keep toys can be easily shifted and kept outside the door when your kid invites friends over and would like space to sit and play board games in a group.

• Keep in mind that your kid will grow up soon! So preferably buy furniture that is likely to remain the same throughout a major part of is or her childhood. For example, avoid buying too small a bed. You can also get, for example, a dresser whose legs can be removed this would be useful when your kid grows up, as you can then put in new legs to increase the height of the dresser and don't need to spend again for a totally new dresser.

• Safety First: two important words that should always be considered before purchasing anything. Don't merely look for how sturdy a piece of furniture is also see that it does not have rough surfaces and sharp edges. Avoid buying a piece with nails and screws this rust over time and can also easily fall out. Confirm if the piece conforms to safety regulations. So check and double check the quality of every piece you select!

• Compare prices at 2-3 stores or check these online. You can save quite a few dollars that way!

• It is not advisable to buy secondhand furniture that has already been utilized by someone else. This is because you will not be aware if that piece of furniture fulfils safety standards.

• Ensure that those pieces that are not ready as a set are assembled together properly.

• Most purchases are strictly governed by a no return policy. However, there is a policy that allows you to get a replacement piece in case there is any damage during transportation to your home. So check this out, as also the warranty period.

Now let's talk about some individual pieces of furniture that you can consider buying for your kid's bedroom.

Bunk Beds:

Bunk beds are the most common pieces of furniture in a kid's bedroom. It is definitely a space-saving device and enables two kids to share a single room. Of course, fights can break out as to who will sleep on the upper bunk!

Loft Bunk Bed:

Designed along the same style as bunk beds, a loft bunk bed is one that can be set up for an older child. It comprises of a full size upper bunk bed for sleeping and a desk unit below it. The desk can be used for studying or reading. You can also get one where a computer unit can also be set up with a pullout tray for a keyboard. Loft bunk beds generally come in steel due to its strength.

Twin Sized Bed:

A twin sized bed of a reasonable width and length would be a good idea for a kid, as it could be used for a considerable part of the childhood years. A headboard with storage space and an adjustable shelf would be useful to keep story time books, a small clock, and other knickknacks. You could also get a trundle bed for those times when a friend comes to sleep over. Keep it below your kid's bed at times when it is not required.


Every kid would love to have a beanbag in the bedroom! This comfortable piece of furniture comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. The materials of beanbags are also varied: leather, twill, velvet, faux fur, etc. It is a wonderful seating option and is extremely relaxing. If your kid has a pet, you can get a beanbag for the furry friend too! A beanbag is generally made of fabric that is resistant to wear and tear, and so can be used for years to come.

Storage Benches:

It is a good idea to have a storage bench in your kid's bedroom. This is no ordinary type of bench! It is not merely for seating but also for storing a vast amount of toys and games beneath the seating portion. The padded seat above will generally be made of cotton or polyester or a combination of both. Some retail stores even have a unique type of bench that has an actual chalkboard on the seat back and storage space beneath.


Ever rocked your baby to sleep while seated in a rocker Well, your baby now can have her own rocker! Good quality rockers that are sturdy for kids are readily available and not just in reds and blues they come in pinks, greens, and other hues too.

Tables and Chairs:

Buying a table and chair as a set ensures that you are purchasing both of the same comfortable height for your kid. It would be advisable to get a square-shaped table so that 2-3 kids can sit together to draw or play a game. A pullout drawer and a lower shelf would also be handy for storage.

Chest of Drawers:

There is an alternative to cabinets that are out of reach to small hands, or closets with unwieldy doors: you should install a chest of drawers for storage of clothes, sports equipment, etc. A sturdy chest of 4-5 drawers makes for more space in the room.

Step Stools

For those times when your kid needs to stretch and climb into bed or reach up to a toy on a table, a step stool specially designed for kids is very handy. These step stools come in the shape of animals or vehicles or something unique, like a surfboard. Some are available with audio a sound is emitted when your kid steps on it. Check out also prayer stools. These are softly cushioned to enable a child to kneel and give thanks to the Lord above before bedtime.

Clothes Stands:

A clothes stand for a kid's bedroom is now available with a fun element the main pole will not only have pegs to hang coats, caps, etc, but also a measuring stick to record your kid's height. The stand is usually made of rubber wood or metal and comes in a variety of colors.


A lamp is not exactly a piece of furniture in the literal sense of the term, but nevertheless should be considered as essential to drive away any alleged ghosts and banish nightmares! Nighttime lamps come in wonderful animal shapes and colors that emit a lovely glow without disturbing your kid's beauty sleep. Of course, make sure they are safely installed and all electrical cords are out of harm's way.

So what are you waiting for Go ahead and furnish your kid's bedroom in style!

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