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Doll House Furniture

Doll House Furniture Introduction:

For both children and adults a doll house forms the basis of their fun. Everyone admires the skill that has been applied and the workmanship in the dollhouse. But a dollhouse is not yet finished unless the materials required for its construction. Any kind of doll house furniture can be bought for any kind of dollhouse.

This type of inventive play is healthier for a child. Keeping a dollhouse, gives the child a control over the outer world. Each day the dollhouse takes up a different role for a child since the child makes a different story each time. A child can play with the dollhouse at any age. This is because the dollhouses do not get bored after a few days like the other toys.


In early European days, dollhouses were each single and built on the basis of individual craftsman. But with the development of the Industrial Revolution, many factories and Industries began to produce toys in a large amount. These toys also include dollhouses and miniatures that is suitable for producing them. After the Second World War, the factories produced dollhouses in a large quantity than ever before.

Many of the splendid and very-old fashioned dollhouses had been put on exhibition all around the whole world. In these dollhouses, the people's daily activities are shown in a great aspect. Hence the observer gets some view about the household life of the earlier times. The dollhouses of the nineteenth and twentieth century hardly ever had uniform scales although a number of manufacturers made miniature dollhouses.

Advantages of dollhouse for children:

As the child grows up, it develops her imaginative skill as she begins to make designs for her dollhouse. Playing with dollhouse gives amusement to the children. Dollhouse furniture becomes useless when a child does not play with it, even though it is constructed more skillfully. A dollhouse in a child's hand should be well-built. Because the children are knotty enough that they would break down the dollhouse and hence it should be strong. It is also important to know that they must be safe also. Not only children but also adults enjoy playing in a dollhouse. One should carefully notice that there are no small parts that could easily break down. John E.Dunbar built dollhouse furniture on a display in Boscawen. The child feels interested while building a dollhouse. Some dollhouses are made from things that lay outside the house. Parents should take concern to see whether the children play with the dollhouse or take it to his or her mouth. That is why the dollhouse should be large and make sure that there are no small parts that would break down. Before giving it to their child every parents should carefully check it twice.

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture:

Miniature Dollhouse furniture costs more since it is minutely designed and crafted. They reflect the work of their artisans. The home is not completed unless it is built. In the same way, a dollhouse is incomplete without its miniature finishing. There are various sizes of dollhouse that are safely and skillfully designed that attract the younger ones. Homemade dollhouse furniture is less expensive and it is more interesting. The things that are usually seen in every home like containers, lids, empty boxes, etc. These furniture costs more since they are finely crafted. People should either ready to craft themselves or they should be ready to pay the skilled ones.

Advantages of Miniature dollhouses:

The primary advantage of miniature dollhouses is one can start small and develop the collections at over time. Another main advantage is the miniature dollhouse collections can be more expensive or less expensive according to your choice. It is not necessary that one should spend a lot on dollhouse miniatures. One can get more enjoyment even if he spends less on his dollhouse miniatures.

Miniature Dollhouse kits:

Even though there are readymade dollhouse kits are available, one finds interest in building in one's own collection. There are varieties of styles in miniature dollhouses. After constructing the dollhouse one should find a suitable place where it would fit correctly. Even if one likes to move it in future he should move only according to the scales that are available.

Some people say that miniature dollhouses are meant only for adults. They feel that playing with miniature dollhouses is beyond their limits for children because it is dangerous to their health if they swallow it. To prevent this one should buy a miniature dollhouse kit that is completely closed or a Plexiglas sheet should be installed at the back of the dollhouse.

Kinds of Furniture

Dollhouse Beds:

One can make large dollhouse beds from empty cheese boxes by turning upside down. Just turn the top of the box over and make a large thick pad by pasting on a layer of bating. Now cover this bating by pasting it on a piece of cloth material.

Now to make a head of a bed stead take 4 inch craft sticks and paint them to extent the width of the bed vertically and another horizontally. Bond the sticks together with wood glue and allow the glue to dry completely before pasting the head to the bed.

Bedding, Curtains and Carpets:

These are easy to make with small hooked doilies. Block the larger holes in doilies with narrow satin ribbons. The same doilies can be used for small carpets. For matching curtains collect and tie the doilies to small dowel rods above the windows with narrow satin ribbons. Doilies create wonderful curtains with beautiful frills.

Matchbox Drawers:

Matchboxes with wooden matches make fantastic furniture. To construct large container of drawers mound and paste together two or more large match boxes. After the glue has dried, paint the chest of drawers with craft paint or cover with wood grain contact paper. You can make knobs by pasting on gold or silver pony beads.

In the same way, smaller drawers can be made with smaller match boxes.

Trash Cans:

The lids of the narrow hairspray cans make fantastic miniature trashcans. Add a few small pieces of wrinkled paper to add realism.

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