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Garden Furniture:

When buying garden furniture, you should not be hasty in selecting you may just end up wasting dollars on a perfectly useless piece.

Check list for Selecting Garden Furniture:

The Purpose: Why will you need a particular piece of garden furnitureFor example, suppose you are having a spacious garden and would like to organize picnics or fun activities for your kids and their friends on weekends.. Then, accordingly, you would need a substantial number of tables and chairs for the purpose.

Flexibility: You should opt for garden furniture that can be moved around and placed in different sections or taken indoors when the weather is unsuitable.

The Site: You need to decide on where exactly you are going to place a particular piece of furniture beneath a tree, near a greenhouse, etc.

The People: If there are senior citizens in your family, you need to consider their needs too select furniture that is not too low for a grandparent to sit on. If kids will be utilizing the garden for play, buy furniture accordingly. For example, you can place a low bench with a blackboard set into the back of the seat. There should be a storage space beneath for keeping chalks, crayons, and outdoor toys such as rubber balls and skipping ropes.

Materials that is ideal for garden furniture:

Plastic: Plastic or plastic resin garden furniture is the most generally used type of furniture. This is due to its ability to remain good under harsh weather conditions. It is also considered relatively cheap. Since it is light in weight, it can be moved around easily. However, this very feature gives it a disadvantage- it can get imbalanced very easily. Also, over the years, it tends to ?fadeout and look old.

Metal: Garden furniture made of metal is considered to be everlasting if maintained properly. You can also have them in different hues to make your garden look colorful. Tables, chairs, and benches made of aluminum are light and can be carried around easily if you wish to change their spots. Experts advise that you select powder-coated cast furniture for their sturdy quality.

Wood: Garden furniture made of wood is likely to create a serious dent in your wallet, as wood is costly. Also, it could get damp in wet weather conditions and moss could accumulate on the pieces. However, if you maintain it properly, it does stand up well to climatic changes. Cedar is the most common option, due to its longer lasting nature than other types, such as pine. Garden furniture made of redwood or cypress is also a good option. Teak is considered as the best option.

Teak: Garden furniture pieces made of teak are instantly eye-catching. Teak is considered to be the best type of wood in regard to standing up to inclement climatic conditions. It does not require much maintenance, as it does not attract insects to set up their homes in its interiors! Also, it does not crack. Overall, it is much more long lasting than any other type of garden furniture. Hence, those dollars you spent on buying teak pieces of furniture will definitely be value for money!

Wicker: Although most types of wicker furniture are not very suitable for outdoor use, there are specific types that can brave harsh weather conditions.

Now let?s find out about individual pieces of furniture that you can set up in your garden.

Tables and Chairs:

If you like organizing get-togethers on a frequent basis for friends and relatives, you can install a single long table where everyone can be seated together. Place sturdy garden benches on either side for better interaction and let everyone enjoy the spread on the table. It can also be a good discussion centerpiece for community meetings. Also keep a side table handy for keeping extra dishes, glasses and the like.

If you are buying individual tables and chairs, buy them as a set so that you get coordinated pieces and which will be of a similar height. Tables can be round, square or rectangular. Chairs can be of the reclining type too. These can be placed anywhere in the garden that appeals to you or your family member for merely relaxing. For elderly members, place a rocking chair in their favorite spot.

A Swinging Seating Option:

A swing is not just for little children! You can put one for yourself with cushioned seating. Also, a basic frame is enough to place a swing seat you don?t require a doorway or verandah to install it. You have the option of buying a swing seat for a cozy twosome or a much wider one to seat all your family members. Another option is to have two sets of seats facing each other in the same frame. A covering overhead can keep out the harsh rays of the sun. You can also purchase a swing seat without a back in order to lie down and doze off peacefully.

It would be advisable to have seating that is made from waterproof material and place some pretty cushions for comfort to the back.

Garden Benches:

A few garden benches spread around at appropriate places in your garden will enable you and your family to sit and read a book, rests your tired back after a gardening task, or just soak in the warmth of the sun. A garden bench can be of granite or marble if you wish to install it on a permanent basis. The advantage is that it is strong and will not topple over! The disadvantage is that it has a very hard surface and you are not likely to sit on it for a very long period of time! Also, it is necessary to check on it regularly, as cracks could develop. The best option is a teak garden bench, as it is very long lasting and stands up to bad weather conditions. You can also place a wrought iron bench for displaying your best plants around it, especially if it has some decorative designs on it.


Both children and adults love having fun with a hammock. The most common type is the rope hammock as a large number of people can climb into it at one time. The plus point of a hammock is that the absence of trees does not deter its functionality you can set it up between concrete posts or buy a specially designed hammock stand. A great idea would also be to set up a hammock chair in a shady place

Some Important Accessories:

Umbrellas: An umbrella or parasol is a must for protection against the harsh rays of the sun. Its purpose is to let you and your family enjoys the beauty of your garden in a cool way. You don?t necessarily have to buy the traditional round shaped one you can opt for a rectangular one too. Also, umbrellas come with poles at the side and not necessarily in the centre alone.

Nets: The enjoyment of your garden is lost if you are constantly swatting at flying insects or looking out for wandering bugs near the food. Nets for umbrellas are now easily available. Just place it over the umbrella and sit in your ?tent! Spread a netted cover over food kept on side tables.

Soft Cushions & Throwaways: These come in different fabrics and colors, plain and with floral prints. Use them liberally for seating comfort.

Where To Buy Garden Furniture:

Retail garden furniture stores.

A nursery specializing in garden furniture.

Refer to listings in the Yellow Pages

Browse through gardening magazines at your local library.

The World Wide Web.

Whichever style of garden furniture you opt for and whatever the material, remember 2 points: Comfort and Practicality.


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