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The Ultimate Furniture Destination:

Pulaski furniture widely spread out across the United States, with prominent displays across independent retailers, department stores, including popularity among catalogs and most importantly the wide scale coverage by regional and national chains has turned the brand from a name that is common to every household.

An overview of the company functioning includes a skilled work set of about 700 people, this privately owned organization has in addition to the above, a staggering 100 people engaged for purely sales. A small but dedicated staff of 30 people is hired in the Asian offices.

Alongside the corporate headquarters, constructions of similar facilities have been a part of Pulaski in Virginia along with a distribution center in Madison, North Carolina, and Dawson Furniture in Webb City, Missouri. The list continues to grow with full-fledged stores in High Point, NC, Las Vegas, NV and Tupelo.

The history of Pulaski Furniture dates back to the year 1955, it has a rich heritage of having designed and beautifying houses across America. Currently celebrating their fiftieth anniversary the long-standing legacy continues that lights up the homes for those who have chosen Pulaski as their Homemaker. They have become the front-runners in the business.

The furniture that is snazzy has become the sort after amongst clients, with a commitment that doubles up the strength of Pulaski. All the lifestyle requirements, from the basic necessities to the most flamboyant furniture have been the trademark of Pulaski.

To mention a few, well-designed curios, cabinets, to bedroom and dining furniture are some of the lifestyle solutions Pulaski has been offering for years. The growth continues with the belief of the Pulaski Team that their products will not only render an enchanted look, but also will fill you up with delight and pride, and at the same time add value to your life.

Pulaski gives you enough reasons to have their interiors on the list of things that are executed before the finalizing the design of the house. The Pulaski Team takes great pride in the manufacturing and engineering of their products that stems from the claims of exactness of their furniture.

This hand crafted custom made fitting beats the Industry standards; the correctness of the doors is confirmed with the fact that they are three times quality tested.

The smallest of detailing is confirmed by repeated checks, prior to the dispatch, from the industrial unit. The detailing goes to the extent of having the personal signature of the client, in the form of a Brass inscription that lasts as a memory.

To mark down some of the features of Pulaski furniture would not be complete without the mention of the Triple reinforced joints that grant unmatched durability, cushioning around the edges for glass, to make way for an unbreakable movement. The precision designing of the plate grooves protects the special items stored.

The most significant and distinct characteristic of the wood used, comes in the form of the seventeen step finishing process, which gives the wood the exact same exquisiteness, and sturdiness like it was when it was first crafted.

The detailing goes to the extent of having movable glass shelves that comes in handy for the display of your valuable items. The curios are backed up by the most advanced Patented 2 way sliding doors that deliver the easiest access to the curios. Arraignment of the collectibles has been made a task that is executed with ease.

Besides the regular features of lockable doors, halogen lights amid a clear luminance with adjustable settings, allows opting for a setting that enhances all the valuable collectables in the house. Some essential include movable floor levelers that evens out the instability of the Furniture when used on jagged surfaces.

Some of the features of curios that make them stand out includes the following

Resistance from scratches, water, chemicals and heat.

Pulaski solid wood cabinets are said to hit the aging times with grace. Every piece of lumber is meticulously selected; hand picked and checked ensuring the lasting property of every piece. All of the valuable artifacts get the deserving display when illuminated by adjustable lighting that helps choose the desired setting.

With roots that are half a century old, to begin with was established as the specialized designer of bedroom and dining room furnishings.

There began a time when Pulaski made its foray into the Curios segment making some of the custom designed curios for the sole purpose of providing a display for valuable collectibles.

The growth of Pulaski continues till date in the form of tables and occasional hand painted armoires. The year 1985 saw the introduction of clocks, wall and mantel clocks with the acquisition of the Ridgeway Clock Company.

The diversification was further given an impetus by the purchase of Dawson Furniture of Webb City, a viable manufacturer of unfinished furniture. Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Corporation were integrated in the year 1955.The corporation in October of the year 1957 cemented its place in Chicago at the American Furniture Market place.

The Corporation acquired its first permanent showroom space in Chicago at the American Furniture. The year 1960 saw yet another purchase of the Morris Novelty Corporation in Martinsville, Virginia who made the occasional tables and some new age furniture items.

Consequently in the year 1962, the company witnessed its name change from Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Corporation to Pulaski Furniture Corporation.

Their foray into the stylized furniture although expensive was one of the most productive and revenue attractive venture. The result of which led to a new manufacturing outlet on the grounds of the new veneer mill. A plant that doubled the space compared to the original Pulaski Plant.

The Company made a sensational turnaround, when the Dublin, Virginia facility was introduced with 550,000 square feet, which boasted the largest selling collection till today.

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