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What does a real estate agent do? A real estate agent is a licenced professional who is there to help their clients rent, buy or sell a property. They have knowledge about the real estate market and will give you advice about the current market conditions by doing a comparative market research analasys, schedule showings, coordinate appraisals and inspections, draft and review contracts and documents, etc. A real estate agent will assist in real estate transactions, conduct walkthroughs and help you through the process of leasing, buying or selling (market) a property. This includes office buildings, apartment buildings, houses and land.

If you're interested in starting a career as a real estate agent, you may find the following articles helpful.


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What to Look for When Choosing an Office Rental Unit

Getting the right office space is a key consideration for any startup or small to medium business that wants to grow. Choosing one is incredibly important for...

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Is it Hard to be a Real Estate Agent?

Working as a real estate agent may be personally fulfilling and financially profitable all at the same time, despite the fact that it is not always straightforward...

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How to Finance Your Real Estate Business?

The question of how to finance a real estate career may also be on your mind if you consider the profession. Most real estate brokers are self-employed, which means...

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Consider These 6 Factors When Choosing an Office Space

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an office space. Location, amenities, technology, office design and layout, infrastructure...


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How To Build A High-Performing Real Estate Team

Building a high-performing real estate team is a process. Hire the most reliable and hardworking applicant to join your team and ensure that your team's...

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5 Effective Tips For Realtors To Get Clients

If you want to run a business, whether it's a clothing store or a restaurant, you need a steady flow of customers. Build true relationships, set your digital presence..

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How To Chose The Right Office For Your Real Estate Brokerage

How do you set up your new real estate office? Considering the space, location, environment, cost and amenities. This article will help you choose the right space for your new office space.

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Top Tips on Online Education If You Want a Career in the Real Estate Business

If you want to make a successful career in real estate, you need to have the right education and training.


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Setting Up Your Own Real Estate Office? Here Are Some Useful Tips

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to open up your own real estate office, there are some things you need to consider...

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Differences In US & UK Real Estate Agents Education

While becoming a real estate agent in the UK appears to be a simple career choice as it has no educational requirements, the..

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6 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy As A Real Estate Agency

Keeping your employees happy will not only increase the productivity in your company but...

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4 Helpful Tips On How To Get Into Real Estate

There are many reasons to consider working as a real estate agent. Namely, you make your own hours, the salary is decent...


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A List Of Important Things Your Small Business Needs

To stabilize a business, you need a successful plan to ensure you survive in the industry, build a name and a sufficient customer database.

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How To Grow Your Real Estate Business

What does it take to be a top-performing real estate agent? It takes more than just good marketing skills and excellent...

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How To Start A Real Estate Business In 8 Steps

It can be tough to get started and keep a real estate firm going, but if you're dedicated, serious, and ready to put in the effort, it might...


Are You A Real Estate Agent? Here's How To Grow Your Business

So after several years of hard work, surveying the market conditions, investing in the right properties...


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9 Tips to Help You Recruit Better Real Estate Agents

A good way to attract solid candidates is to create a brand for your company and let people know about it. If your company...

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Looking For A New Career Path? Try Getting Into Real Estate

Real estate is an attractive industry full of opportunities even for newly-minted realtors. If you are...


What Being A Real Estate Agent Entails And How To Be Good At Your Job

Becoming a real estate agent is a tempting idea for many. It is a lucrative job if you become good ...

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Do you need a college degree to be a real estate agent?

Are you thinking about becoming a real estate agent but worried your lack of a college degree...


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How to Start a Real Estate Business

If you want to know how to start a real estate business, it's important that you know exactly what it is you want to do with your...


4 Things To Know Before Embarking On Your Real Estate Journey

Real estate can be a good way to effectively spread your wealth. However, it's a journey that's best...

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Life as a Real Estate Agent in 2020

As new technologies emerge and economic cycles continue to shift, real estate has always been on the receiving end of these changes...

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Real Estate Jobs in the Boston Area

In order to be a real estate agent in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you must be licensed by the Board Of....


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Starting a Vacation Rental Business

In order to be a real estate agent in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you must be licensed by the Board Of....