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Attention all bowling champs!! Make sure you have the right bowling bag.

As a sport, bowling popularity is continuously on the rise. The sport has been tremendously popular in the US for quite some time now. Its popularity is quickly inScreasing in other parts of globe also. The game is challenging and full of excitement.

In all probability, bowling began in Egypt abound 7000 years ago but has evolved considerably since then. Thanks to the huge popularity of this game today, the number of bowling leagues operating in the US probably runs into thousands.

The game today is professional and competitive. The game has also seen many technological advances such as automatic pin-setting machines. Today there are many professional bowling organizations and professional bowlers who compete with each other for monetary prizes in many bowling tournaments which take place in different parts of the world. Therefore, it’s but natural that the game’s playing area as well as equipments needed to play this game have become standardized and must confirm to highest quality standards. Let’s briefly discuss the most essential things needed to play bowling

The Bowling Alley obviously, this is the most important component of this game. While designing it, a few specifications need to be followed. The bowling alley, made of polished wood, is between 41 and 42 inches wide and its length is 60 feet, when measured from the foul line to the head pin. At the end of this alley are ten bowling pins lined up in a triangular shape. These 10 pins are made of maple covered in plastic. The height of these pins is 15 inches and they weight a little over three ounces.

The Ball the bowling balls are made of rubber composite or plastic. These balls, having three or four finger holes, weigh between 10 and 16 pounds. Most bowlers have their own favorite ball. And it's important to choose the ball which you think is exactly right for you because this will help you in increasing your score.

Make sure you choose the ball of right weight because a ball too heavy for you may cause back problems. When starting playing this game, the right thing to do is to practice with a number of different balls and then choose the one which you feel is perfect for you. Once you have chosen your ball, practice with it frequently so that you are absolutely comfortable with it. You can also have the finger holes drilled specifically for your hand.

Bowling Shoes Comfortable bowling shoes = improved player's performance. For beginners, usually the best option is to choose the athletic style bowling shoe with a sliding sole. Remember, attach due importance to the amount of slide in the sole. Bowling shoes are designed specifically for left or right-handed bowlers. This is because the shoe opposite the hand used to bowl must have the sliding feature.

Bowling Gloves although not always used by amateur bowlers, still gloves support your wrists and help boost your score.

To keep your ball, shoes and other equipments, you will need a good quality Bowling Bag. So now let’s go shopping for a perfect bowling bag.

What all you will be keeping in your Bowling Bag

Remember, if you are really passionate about bowling, then you will not only be keeping balls, shoe and gloves in your bowling bag but also wrist supports, cleaners/polishes, grips and inserts, bowling towels and bowling shirt. Naturally, you need a bag that not only has ample space but is pretty sturdy too.

The major brands of Bowling Bags.

From among a number of manufacturers of bowlingbags, the following major brands needs to be mentioned Storm Columbia 300 Brunswick KRX Hammer Ebonite NFL Roto Grip Track AMF Legends Elite

So choose a bag according to your need and budget.

There is a large range to choose from, both in terms of space offered and price. The single compartment bowling bags will start from $18.99 and at the other end you will get a 6 ball roller at $179.95.

So if a single compartment basic bowling bags will suffice your needs, you can pick any one of the following

Ebonite Impact Single - $29.99

Brunswick Dyno Single Inferno - $19.99

Brunswick Target Zone Single - $19.99

Storm Spare Kit - $13.95

KR NFL Single Balls Bags -- $29.95

Brunswick-Dyno Single - $18.95

KR-Vintage Single - $19.95

Brunswick Dyno Leopard Single - $18.95

Dyno Single-Skull - $18.99

Accolade Single - $36.99

Lady Ebonite - $28.99

Champion - $29.99

Retro Keystone - $18.99

After this range, you can choose from the single, 2 or 3 Ball Roller or Tote.

Columbia 300 EZ Rider 3 Ball Roller - $84.99

Brunswick Flash Black Single Tote - $27.99

KR Eliminator 2 Ball Roller - $55.99

Brunswick Flash 2 Ball Roller - $65.99

Brunswick American Heroes Single Tote - $19.99

Circle Single Tote - $24.99

Elite Alien Single Tote - $32.99

Elite 2 Go Tote - $35.99

Storm Streamline 2 Ball Rollers - $64.99

PBP Double Tote - $15.95

KR Eliminator Double Roller - $51.95

KR NFL 2 Ball Roller - $68.95

Storm-Pro Double - $39.95

2 Go Tote Plus - $28.99

Dignity - $48.99

Alien Invader 2 - $39.99

And then we have the high-end range of bowling bags. This range will include

Transport III - $89.99

PBA Deluxe Double - $89.99

Brunswick 6 ball Conversion Kit - $77.99

Brunswick Tournament Players Squared Triple - $105.95

RotoGrip 4 Ball Roller - $152.95

KR LANE ROVER 6 Ball Roller - $179.95.

Thus we find that lots and lots of bowling bags are available in the market in a very large price range. Depending upon what your requirement is, you have to choose. Keep in mind the accessories you will be keeping in your bowling bag. So, if you are indulging in the game of bowling just for pure fun, any good bag will take care of your needs. However, if you are a professional, taking part in tournaments, you must have a proper kit with you.

You can shop online for bowling bags. Lots many websites sell the entire range of bowling bags. So, happy shopping online!!