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From the whole paraphernalia of women’s accessories hand bag is one of the most sought after and why not after all what defines a women’s attitude better than a bag! Be it a tote bag, sling bag, corporate bag or the fancy & glamorous one. There is an extensive variety of size & color to pick from. Vintage & classic, Unique & handmade, Designer & branded there are so many styles available that one may find it difficult to choose some & ignore other.

Earlier & till very recent times there were trends to follow, while buying a bag. The trends being created by the bollywood beauties. But nowadays you can carry off whatever you like in terms of color, size texture & the brand.

Though branded bags like Gucci, Dior, Prada or Louis vuitton have a charm of their own, they come with a heavy price tag. But that’s not to worry about; you can find equally compelling & attractive bags at comfortable prices.

Moreover this way you can have a complete wardrobe of bags to choose from, which adds a distinctive look to your persona.

Thinking about colors You name it & it’s on the shelf, be it a deep sensuous red or the ever so mystic black, the sober white or the formal brown. There is a complete rainbow to choose from. But carrying a right bag at right time is an art in itself.

During daytime the sober or formal looking light or pastel colored bag looks best, while in the evening bold & glamorous bag gets the glance.

Also your bag should compliment the outfit that you are wearing. Some women choose very contrast combination like white with red dress or brown with blue whereas

some women choose very monotonous combination like white with blue or brown with black. Luggage, backpacks, briefcases, and more at

But the harmony lies somewhere in between, the combination of your dress & your bag should neither be very submissive so that it goes unnoticed & if it’s the one that you bought just last week you feel as if you ended up buying the wrong one.

And neither your bag should be in so much of disparity with your outfit that it gets the attention but not in the right spirit.

The bag that you carry also affects your entire look, there’s a link between your proportion & the size of the bag. The ones which are tall & slim can very well carry off almost any kind of bag, but they should refrain from using small & long bags; that can make them look even more thin & taller than they actually are.

Women who are short & stout should always opt for a small bag; big sized bag will make them look heavier, whereas small bag makes them look a bit slim & tall. And if you have a perfect statistics then almost any kind of bag will do but try resisting very small or very large sized ones mid sized bags will be most flattering.

For the women who are large sized should strictly avoid small & short bags, they should either opt for mid sized or

large bags that will make them look smaller.

But some women complain of pain in the shoulder & the back because of prolonged use of bag, for such people ergonomic bags are also available in the market. These bags are designed in such a way that it allows the natural & equal distribution of the weight, which helps in reducing stress on the shoulders. For more information on this you can log on to

And if you are allergic to pseudo or pure leather you always have the option for jute bags and the handmade ones. These bags are in much demand nowadays & they are amazingly priced for as low as 20 $ to 60 $. You can visit the following link to know more about it

If you wish to make a personal style statement you can order a bag that has your initials engraved on it & there are a variety of materials & designs to choose from and if you want to go designer without shelling out much there are designer replicas also available at very reasonable rates. Here are a few links that you can visit to get a better idea & even better deal. But if local market is your destination then here are a few tips that can save you from a wrong choice.

Quality Check before buying: Branded or non branded a bag is always judged by its interiors & not the exteriors. The lining of the bag speaks a volume about the actual

quality of the bag & more so if it is a non branded one. Also take care that the lining is in proportion with the size because if it’s too short or tight you won’t be able to put in many things and if it is very loose the lining will get tangled in the zip, and it can create an embarrassment for you. Moreover the buckle or zip should be thoroughly checked, many a times it happens that just a few weeks after you buy a bag the zip gets stiff or the buckle becomes hard. So it’s always good to check them a few times before buying.

But it’s not just the x factor of a bag that should be considered, it should compliment your lifestyle as well. So choose the one which allows maximum and proper space for all the articles that you are supposed to keep; from coins to tissues, your comb & creams and that diary & pen & what not! A women’s bag after all is a world in itself. Many times women go out shopping, they get fancied by a bag & end up buying it only to realize later that it’s not the right one so if you can resist the temptation you’ll always have a bag that truly suits you & your lifestyle.

So next time you shop for a bag, make sure it’s the right one because you may hear it or not but that bag of yours is going to reveal a lot. Below are a few links which you can visit for on your online shopping spree.