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A container used for storing or holding something is a bag. Since bags are non-rigid they are made from plastic, cloth, paper or some other flexible material. Some bags have one handle and other bags come with more than one handle. Zippers are used for closing bags especially the leather and cloth models whereas a paper bag is closed simply by folding it. Money bags and travel bags come with an added safety lock. Sachets and gunny bags are closed by tying it with ribbons. Bags vary in size and shape from small purses to large suitcases used by travellers. Shopping has become more convenient with the availability of cheap disposable paper and plastic bags.

Bag types

Each bag model is designed for a particular purpose and for a specific use. Bags are known by different names and are used for different purposes. The popular types of bags are the airbag, backpack, messenger bag, handbag, sleeping bag, tea bag and the plastic bag. Air bags are used for cushioning and rapid inflation in the event of an automobile collision. This bag is filled with air or some other gas. Backpacks are a type of cloth sacks carried on ones back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders and below the armpits. They are mainly used for carrying heavy loads of more than 20 pounds for long periods of time. Messenger bags sometimes called as courier bags and are a type of bags made from cloth and worn over the shoulder and used in the transportation of mail and other goods. They have specialized fittings that make loosening and tightening much easier. A handbag is also called a purse and is used for carrying money. The primary purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide warmth and protection to a person against wind, precipitation and exposure. It is very useful when sleeping outdoors. Tea bags are small bags used for holding tea leaves or herbal tea infusions. Popular in countries like the U.S and the U.K, it has an open-ended pouch with a long flap. Leaf tea of a particular quantity is filled and the pouch is closed after giving enough space for the tea to infuse properly.

Plastic bags

Plastic shopping bags, commonly known as carrier bags, widely used in several countries are made of polyethylene. They are made from high-density and low-density polyethylene. Even though they are lighter in weight than paper bags, shoppers prefer them because of their ability to carry more weight even if the products that are stored in it are wet. Paper bags get damaged in rain and lose their strength due to moisture absorption. Some type of plastic bags are recycled and put to reuse as garbags bags and even plastic containers. Low quality plastic bags made from non-biodegradable plastics are now a menace to the environment. Such bags are easy to produce than the biodegradable plastic bags, which are more costly and have few takers. Not only that strong winds blow these bags for long distances because of their light weight.


A decorative bag without a decorative bow looks incomplete. A decorative bow adds to the beauty of the decorated

bag. Both decorative bags and bows are mainly used as gift items and using bows is a recent trend. Bows of different sizes and colours give a better appearance and appeal to the packaged product. Bows are also decorated with dots, stripes, hearts, gingham, and other symbols. Hand crafted hair bows are used by women as fashions wear.

Bow making is an interesting art. Bows, mostly handmade, add a special touch to wrapped gifts. Ribbons of appropriate color, texture and width appropriate to the color and width of a bag are selected. For making a bow to decorate a normal size bag approximately 45 inches of ribbon are needed. Bow making kits help the user to make custom made bows from different color combinations according to his interest and taste. Now even tissue paper and decoration paper are being used to make bows. For a buyer, bows of different types and makes suited for all seasons and occasions are now available. A recent innovation is the bow-making machine. Very useful for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, it is helpful to design exotic, luxurious bows within a short time. It also has an accessory for producing curly bows of unique styles and configurations.

Bow making

Bows made from ribbons add a decorative touch to floral designs. Custom made bows, loops and streamers are popular in corsages, bridal bouquets and floral arrangements. Specially crafted bows are also used to dress up potted plants. Originally ribbon was used in floral designs to tie or bind flower stems together. Now it can be used in many different ways and it is used in virtually every aspect of floral design and decorating work. Bow making will become interesting if one becomes familiar with common widths, fabrics, styles and uses of various ribbons. Knowing how to make decorative bows for floral work that appeals to the tastes of the customer is essential for all designers. Ribbons are available in various widths. The various widths are referred to by number. Ribbon widths can vary slightly depending on the ribbon material and the manufacturer. The most common sizes are #3, #9, and #40. Ribbon #3 is commonly used to make bows used in accent corsages, bridal bouquets, small plants and bud vases. It is also used in large designs, decorations, and presentation bouquets

Companies give much importance to attractive and innovative packaging. Proper packaging is like a walking billboard for a company. The gift package must carry a message about the company, the product and the core thrust areas of the company. Thus custom-made print and packaging materials are now given much importance. There are advertisers and designers who are well versed in the art of creating innovative packaging materials. A companys visibility, image and competitive edge can be greatly increased by following innovative packaging practices.

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