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Going out Need a bag

Bags form an integral part of our daily lives be it a man or a woman everyone needs a bags online when moving out of the house while going to work, shopping, outing any thing for that matter.

There are various types of bags

Traveling bags

Carry bags

Hand bags

Waist ?n Hip Fanny bags

Designer bags

Bags for carrying musical and other instruments etc.

Bag distributorship has gained a lot of market in all the countries. It has become an important accessory for women all over the world it is often considered as a sign of class. It is not only that women are attracted to bags. With the advent of cellular phones, pagers, I-Pac?s even men these days like to carry tiny bags that fit in their electronic gadgets. Men usually like to hang it on the belts on their waist?s unlike women who have the bag hung on their shoulders. Men even prefer to carry a backpack instead of the briefcase.

There has been a tremendous change in fashion all over the globe and people go in for more and more trendy stuff but it is very difficult to find a bag matching to a person?s exact choice.

Taking care of Bags:

There are things that we should consider while using bags. Bags should be used carefully as according to the seasons. In summers there is no problem as the bags are light and not all that expensive, they don?t require much maintenance. Winters generally see bags online made of fabric and leather; these require maintenance, as they are expensive and delicate in nature.

It much depends on what types of bags online are in demand and what is getting imported in the country. It depends a lot on the distributor what he gets from the company to sell to major shops in the market. A distributor is a self-regulating person who agrees to sell the product of a manufacturer independently but cannot use the name of the manufacturer. Depending on the contract the distributor is liable to sell goods from only one distributor or many distributors involve in the same product line or in different area.

List of Distributors:

There are a lot of distributors that specialize in this area. Some of them are listed below.

? Aussie Bag Co Limited gives handbags that have been made in Australia

? Bag Et Al gives bags with black and white designs by Louis Vuitton.

? Bag world gives a wide range of choices in bags.

? BA Gedge offers a unique range of handbags and accessories belonging to Bags Aloft Vera Bradley handbags

? Carogi handbags give exclusive triangular bags in different materials.

? The Carpet Bagger Ltd gives carpetbags, purses, and traveling bags.

? Chic Handbags offers sari bags, designer bags and daily use leather bags, handmade fashion bags

? Apparel gives handbags and wallets from the brand names of Prada Fendi and Gucci.

? Eel skin outlet offers eel skin handbags, wallets and purses.

? offers vintage and designer handbags

? Fashionbags4u collection has evening shoulder and handheld bags backpacks

? gives you access to designer handbag and purse

? Harbor Sports Gear gives a wide range of gear bags business and personal cases.

? Hob Nob Designer Handbags offers handbags made from traditional fabric.

? La Unica Handbags line gives handbags fabricated by actress and designer Cari Shayne

? Mary Jane Bags gives handbags that include vintage snaps and jewelry Michael Green Scandia bag, Michael Green

handbags wallets and briefcases

? Moonsus Handbag collection contains leather purses notebook cases laptop bags computer backpacks and fabric or leather briefcases.

? Muse Bags Mixes makes its own handbags by mixing unique colors and fabrics to make original bags

? Onlyone Products Inc offers handbags, briefcases and purses made out of environment friendly fabric and materials that include thinly sliced flexible wood sheets

? Poesis Purses line of bags include original trendy handbags and cocktail purses

? Robindira Unsworth a San Francisco-based designer

? S C Import & Export Inc

? Texier handbags provides with small leather bags and briefcases manufactured in Vitre France.

? Sacks & Taylor Casual has a collection of exclusive bridal and evening purses and handbags.

? The Sak Elliott Lucca Handbag provides bags made of leather and crochet.

? had a good collection of a wide range of school bags and backpacks.

? Shirley Anne's Victorian Creations has a range of Victorian purses that are very trendy and fashionable.

? Tweetlebags by Katie Harris offers a collection of fabric purses and totes; fabric-lined leather.

? Wallet Company gives a wide line of Eel skin products including wallets, purses, etc.

? Wallets123 gives handbags, backpacks, purses, and wallets. They have a wide range of selection for both men and women.

? has an amazing collection of handcrafted handbags and purses.

? Windsor & York has a collection of handbags made of leather tapestry and cloth.

These are some of the online sites that you can visit and get bags of your choice. Other than these there are many more suppliers of bags from all over the world.

Before you buy any bag question yourself what do you want the bag for What is your need and will the bag suffice it. When shopping online always read the description of the bag carefully and then decide which bags online do you want.