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Tips on Choosing Fashionable Bags

In Fashion, you are either ?in? or you are ?out?. So for the fashion conscious people of the society, here is an article on what bags are ?IN? this season.

This is the day and age where outer looks matter a lot. Fashion is an extension of our real self outside ourselves that expresses our attitude and the way we live or like to live. Handbags and shoes make a real impression of the real ?you? is. So do not buy them without considerable thought on whether it would suit the outfit that you wear on any particular occasion , especially if its for a day out in the town with some one you fancy or a night out with your wonderful girlfriends. These handbags hold our essentials from money to different kinds of brushes, pens to cell phones and all kinds of cosmetics. They come in variety of sizes, shapes and prices.

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Points to consider when you choose your handbag :

Handbags should certainly be bought after giving considerable thought on what occasion do you want to use them. Other than that, if you want to choose a bag that can be used for all occasions, try to find a handbag that fits the type of your body. Not in the way you think, however. Go for the dramatic look. Get a bag that DOES NOT match your figure. Select the opposite of your body type. If you are thin and tall, go for a bigger bag. Always try the handbag before you decide to buy and see how it feels and fits. If it doesn?t make you feel comfortable just don?t buy it. If you choose basic styles and designs, you can use them for years while giving an impression of ?IN? style look.

Hobo Bags :

Hobo bags are crescent shaped ones that?ll help you maintain the chic street look. This flatters almost all types of bodies. The designs of these bags come in denim, warm browns, suede and smooth leather. The perfect one is not too big and not too small but right in the middle. These generally range from boho designs to structured, classic designs. They are practical to use and it is very fashionable. You can take all your essentials in them and yet it would give you that chic look. Who doesn?t love designer bags For the modern fashionable girl, she would certainly go for the best and the most chic ones in the country. If you aren?t into designer stuff, it?s not difficult to find similar styles bags at local stores. Either go for the bags hobo style or go for the small, shoulder bag size. Pink, blue and fuchsia are in this season.

Lookalikes and fakes :

Lookalikes are goods that are merely inspired by the originals and fakes are just unbelievably cheap with fake logos on them. When you buy fakes, it might seem to be a great idea since they have the designer label with a cheap price tag but they are usually spotted as counterfeit goods in no time and thus it really would not provide a good impression. How would you know if the stuff that have bought is fake and not the real deal When the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is !!! A real designer leather bag for 500 bucks That?s a fake !!!

How to spot a fake :

There was once a time when you could really spot a fake easily by seeing if it is flimsy , has misspelled logos and has cheap leather. You can see many online auctions and websites selling outright fakes that are just inspiration of originals. But the fakes are really so good that you simply cannot find if it?s the real deal or not. And the pieces carry a high price tag too !!! Then again, there are a quite a few sellers on street that claim the goods are originals and needless to say, they aren?t.

If the price is too cheap, then its not authentic. The place where it is sold is also an indication of whether its counterfeit or real and tags attached on the piece like ?made in xyz? where xyz stands for some obscure country are definitely not authentic !!! For example, designer leather products do not come for a few hundred or few thousand rupees and they are surely not sold on the internet through auctions. So be wary.

Whatever bag you choose, think of how comfortable you are and how it suits your figure. So take your favourite handbag, choose your best outfit and turn on the engine and go rule the world, girl !!!