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?Bag? the word comes to mind with a lot of images, in fact a whole world of images. They are such a necessary part of our life that we can?t simply ignore their presence. And why not bags after all not only fulfill our needs but they also form an important part of our persona. The range of bags is almost as varied as the human moods & needs. Clutch bags, sling bags, duffel bags & many more. But there?s one more kind or I would rather say species of bags that forms a part of our daily routine, the Tote bags. These are the one, which fulfill our needs besides adding a charm to the way we carry ourselves.

By the end of this article you will be really surprised at the wonderful possibilities that are there when you go out to look for a Tote bags.

The complete variety: It?s true when you see how wide the ranges are, available in terms of size, material and the designs. These bags are available in every possible material, from cotton, nylon, leather and even organic cotton. Also the sizes available are surprising from the smallest of the sizes to as large as 14? are available easily and the even better part is that many online stores provide custom sizes in the material of your choice. The rates for such deals are also fair enough to bring a smile on your face.

The coolest options: For those who prefer cotton bags there are fabric similar to mixed cotton, pure cotton & organic cotton. And for those who practice the art of saving the planet, I mean the people who choose eco friendly things over the others, for them there are bags that are totally made from recycled material. But if you are one of the stars of the corporate world, what could be better than a leather Tote bags for you. Here also you have a lot of options to choose from Italian Sienna cowhide, Hachette leather, Napa leather, Sorrento, or sensuous.

And for the ones in Silicon Valley there are special tote bags which can also be used computer bags, these are new generation hi tech bags which meets all the needs of a fast tech life. For a visual delight: Tote bags are not like those containers on your kitchen shelf that are only meant to be stuffed, When you carry a bag it becomes a part of your whole persona and then comes into play the aspect of design, which is briefly categorized here.

First it?s our little angles, the kids in our homes. There are special bags that are designed keeping in mind the requirements & preferences of the kids. And they have the cutest & the most beautiful of the pictures printed on them, which won?t let you resist from buying one for your kids. Even personalized tote bags are also available for the kids, where the bags are created in accordance to the appearance & attitude of the child. This can certainly create an excellent gift for any kid; moreover it?s believed that such personalized things can motivate your child to involve himself in creative activities. For example if you use a personalized bag of your child to keep his story books he?ll get more interested in reading those books, similarly if you use such a bag to keep colors & other craft material the child will be motivated in doing creative activity Amazing.

Further more there are designs for those who love the dreamland; there are bags, which have intricate & beautiful

pictures of fairies, angels and magic world printed on them. The ones who have a liking will find such designs as a must have collection. But the art of an artist need not get disappointed because there are designs, which have famous art forms, printed on the bag, this will surely turn out to be a lifetime possession. And for the music lovers there are bags, which have pictures of musical instruments, imprinted on them, and they are a delight to see.

Next comes the user friendly, bags which meet all the necessities of a traveler. Here you?ll find tote bags cum backpack, and then there are bags, which have an insulated compartment to keep lunch or water bottles etc. There are specially designed in-flight bags also which are compact in size & have pockets that can take care of all the traveling essentials.

Casual tote bags are also there which are more suited for those weekends when the workload is low. Some tote bags have adjustable compartments made up of plastic; these bags can be very useful for those who keep very specific or sensitive articles like engineers or artists.

On your wish: If you wish to advertise your business, there are online firms which can print the logos or any other publicity material on the bags, you can choose the size which suits you, and the rates are also quite fair. These types of bags can be very useful for promotional programs, which are carried out by both small & big organization. You can also opt for hand made bags as they exhibit a sense of individuality and are also very cost effective.

Pockets best friend: Though branded bags cost a little above the average you can buy a good bag for your self at the most affordable rate. The price varies from as low as 4 to 5 $ dollars to somewhere from 30 to 40 $ dollars for normal sizes. Obviously the rates differ according to the size, material & the design.

But it?s worth it! When a complete package of design, size, material & durability being brought to you for such reasonable charge, who would want not to buy So when you have such great options to choose from, buying a tote bag either for yourself or to gift would always be a wonderful idea.