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Bank deposit bags are used for depositing cash, cheques and deposit slips in banks. The bank logo and the entire details of the bank are printed on the deposit bags. Made from high strength materials, they are resistant to heat peeling and solvent corrosion. These bags are available in different sizes and are made from different materials. For depositing money, cheques and deposit slips specially marked coloured bags of different sizes, as specified by the bank are used. Each bank sets its own rules and regulations and expects the customers to follow those rules when making deposits.

Lockable security deposit bags are the most secure and tamper resistant. Lockable security deposit bags are rugged, water-repellent canvas bags. The bags with locking systems have various options namely keyed alike, keyed different and master keyed. If two bags have the keyed alike option then keys from one bag can be used to open the other bag as well. A keyed different lock option means that a bag has its own set of keys and this key will not open any other lock. A master keyed option means that each bag has its own set of keys and they do not open any other lock but one master key will open all the locks. They are built with double-stitched seams and leather-like vinyl handles and the bottom part is made to withstand wear and tear. Models with and without padlocks are available. The padlocks are made of metal zipper slides with hardened chrome hasp. Bank deposit bags with lockers have corners that are made of heavy leather. They will have about two working keys.

Tamper evident deposit bags have self-sealing adhesive closure facility. Tamper evident bank deposit bags made from clear polyethylene allow the contents of the bag to be seen and make deposits more secure. The clear deposit plastic tamper-evident deposit bags allow a user to organize and sort cheques, cash and receipts and sequentially number them for easy tracking. All details can be noted on the easy-to-write surface of the bag. They are water and tear resistant and the side seals are specially fabricated to prevent the bag from splitting. The tamper-evident closure is self-sealing and instructions are printed on each bag. The unique sequential number matching system of the bag and receipt helps internal routing and tracking. The tamper resistant seal assures safety of the money deposited.

Tamper evident deposit bags are specially crafted and any tampering by an outsider can be easily detected. When tampered with a cold source the security seal will display the message VOID. When tampered with a heat source the security seal will display blue dots. The stars sign on the security seal will get distorted and may even disappear if exposed to saliva, solvents and chemicals. Cutting and resealing the seams will distort or even destroy the microprint along the sides of the bag. The alphanumeric number, bar code and receipt strip are water and tear-resistant. The marked yellow shaded area is used to note the destination, amount, sender and any other information that the depositor wishes to inform the bank. These deposit bags are not only useful for depositing money in banks but also used for shipping checks, cash and receipts. These bags help to eliminate the hassles of daily deposit bag returns.

The night deposit bag has a pop-up corrosion-proof zipper lock and each bag is keyed differently and comes with two keys. The lightweight leatherette zippered wallet made from leather-like vinyl is a popular bank deposit bag model that has a pouch for depositing business documents. User-friendly deposit bags have aggressive adhesive and a consumer friendly Press to close tape closure facility. It has a super tamper-evident void closure. Any attempt to tamper with the adhesive closure will make the void pattern to appear.

A recent innovation in the Deposit Bank Bag technology is the use of the heat-sealed closure system. Using this

model, customers can make tamper-proof seals wherever needed and form custom compartments for complete flexibility. This allows separation and processing of checks faster. The heat-sealed deposit bag has fewer points of entry and the superior heat sealed system is impervious to tampering by exposure to extreme heating and freezing. The heat-sealed bag allows bulk counting possible without opening the bag.

Deposit bags transported via armored cars are made of tamper-evident and temperature resistant materials. They are popular with armored car users because of its film strength and heavy-duty design. They do not tear or rip apart even under extreme abuse. The adhesive closure, tear-off, receipt, bar coding and dual numbering options makes it easy to use even under the most time-sensitive circumstances. Also bulk counting is possible without having to open the bag.

Popular banking institutions follow certain procedures and insist on customers that they must adhere to those rules. In the case of courier service deposits, deposits are accepted only in locked deposit bags. Such bags are keyed with a master key. Separate bags must be used for deposits and cash exchanges. Each bag must be separately labeled on the particular tag indicating whether the bag contains a deposit or a cash exchange. Bags with broken locks or fasteners should be discarded. Replacements should be ordered on time. The cash management office assists the customers in this aspect. Trained vault room workers seal, tag, weigh and move Bank deposit bags and secures those awaiting daily pick up by armored car for delivery to the bank.

The cash forwarded to the bank must be enclosed in pre-numbered sealed deposit bags and the total deposit amount must be noted. The bags must be delivered in person or through security staff. When the bags are received in the bank the serial number is recorded and the bank staff opens it, and the money is counted to ensure that the contents in the bag agree with the deposit total recorded. Any discrepancy is reported to the depositor immediately. Some banks allow multiple deposits in one deposit bag. If more than one deposit is included in a bag, all documents pertaining to each deposit should be attached to the appropriate deposit form with details of date, deposits included, account number and department name.

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