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If a layman is asked what is a bag what do you think would be his answer

Well in simple terms his answer would be that a bag is a something in which we carry our stuff or belongings from one place to another. And yes that?s what a bag means, its a carrier that is made up of fabric, plastic or any other moldable material, which can be carried along hanging on your shoulder. It can be used to carry any thing, form toddler?s diapers, huge bundle of books, and clothes to a laptop.

When we think of bags we can probably associate everything with it. In today?s world with so much of technological advancement everything has been changed and replace by some or the other very handy techno gadget. But Bag is probably one of those things which technology also sits and relax in and has no technological substitute for it. Bags are omnipresent they are everywhere around you! Now this would sound strange but may be we never realize but in our regular and day-to-day life and other wise also we carry one or the other type of bag on our shoulders or probably hanging them on our wrist.

As a school going you carry a school bag, for playing your favorite base ball or cricket you carry your sports bag with your sports accessories in it, as you grow and step in a college you carry a college bag and as a professional to carry your paper works and other official stuff you carry an office bag and this is not all. After you get married you hold your toddlers diapers bag or so many times while shopping in mall you carry a shopping bag or a poly bag. The Bag term seems to be an inseparable part isn?t it. Now coming on to the topic we want to ponder upon is the types of bags available on sale. As already discussed above everything has a bag with it to carry it easily from one place to another. In this Bags dominated world there are various different kinds of bags available for sale in the market. So lets discuss the various types with their multi-user purposes and explore the world of bags sale.

Designer Hand Bags These are the latest and the very much popular type of bags now days. These you?ll find hanging in every other women?s hand. These are colorful sweet and smart looking bags. These are most popular among the women. These bags carry everything from women cosmetics essentials, little accessories, credit cards, keys, Mobil phones and Cash of course. In fact these designers bags have different names to them depending on their shapes and sizes. A party designer handbag is called by different name; an open face designer bag with no zippers is called by a different name and so on and so forth

School bags

These are also a popular lot among the parents and their school going children. These bags are basically to carry

the school study material or books. These come in fascinating and attractive colors with popular cartoon characters printed on it. These bags have good pockets to carry all the school going essentials from books to pencil and pen boxes etc.

Luggage Bags

You can call them traveler bags to these carry your clothes and other traveling essentials in them. These are huge with a good capacity to carry a lot of luggage along while traveling or shifting or to store your clothes in.

Sports Bags

The sport bags are very useful for the sports people. It carries all the sports essentials for the sports person or athlete. These are not huge and much in capacity term usually used to carry their water dispenser, changing clothes or sports accessories. There are some special bags for certain sports like Baseball bags, Bat Bags, Belding golf Bags, Cricket Bags etc. In the same category fall the bags to carry the accessories of the various different sports. These are commonly called the Kit Bags. Example Cricket kit bag, which carries the entire cricket kit of bat, ball, wickets and stumps.

Multipurpose bags

These are the most popular bags these are not specifically made for a particular type of carrying. These bags can be used as per your requirement. These have multi pockets for easy storage of your stuff. Can be used for long holidays, for one-day getaways or can be used as a normal shopping bags. These multipurpose bags have multi-pockets and multi hanging options. It can be hanged on a both your shoulders while using it for mountaineering or biking or can be hold on one shoulder or like a messenger bag and bags sale.

These bags have a smaller version also called the multipurpose bags. The only difference between the two remains of the size. The small multipurpose bags can be used to keep your regular day-to-day stuff at a hands distance. It can carry your cosmetics, brushes, medicines or sewing kit

Like wise you have various other types like books bags, carpet bags, computer bags etc.

This article is projected not to tell you that its necessary for an individual to possess all these different kinds of bags but to make you realize the importance of the bags in our lives in different forms and making you aware of what all different types are present in the market for you to make a choice from bags sale.