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Bags Companies are something, which everybody requires in some, or the other form. A little baby has a diaper bag, school-going child has a school bag, college goers have stylish shoulder or messenger bags to style and hold a little, and if you are employed office going individual you use an Office bag.

So many types with different purposes all so easy to say mention and think of. The Bags for mundane use or to flaunt at a party you get all types and shapes according to your need and requirements.

When you think Bags... All what you look for in a bag when you decide to buy one is the durability and its quality. You might compromise at color, type or shape but what comes first in your mind is the type of make it is and the bags company it has been manufactured by.

As other things bags have brands too there are various top brands manufacturing world-class premium bags for ages. These manufacturers and Bag companies are so well established and defined. They study the market trends, survey the latest styles and people requirements and come up with a product, which is complete in every sense to satisfy the customer?s needs.

The Manufacturers

Some Top-notch brands and manufacturers or can say the Bag companies that are into making of designer bags are as follows

Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton is famous and has been known for its high quality luggage, travel and leather items. You can find some really interesting and fashionable trends and piece of arts from the manufactures. It has maintained its name and quality since 1854. Louis Vuitton has always been a trendsetter, for years developing a range of luxury products consistent with the brand's values. On Louis Vuitton Purses & Handbags you can see the gracefully marks of ?LV? creatively defining the brands creditability and appeal.


These Handbags flaunts its talent of craftsmanship in its exclusive designer handbags and other accessories. The Brand was the result of Guccio Gucci?s taste for beauty and elegance as a young man. Gucci's were first in introducing alluring and fashionable leather goods. The touch of sophistication and elegance in the products speaks aloud and represent Gucci's success. It was Gucci who discovered the potential of hemp, jute, lenin and bamboo and artistically used it in Handbags making. Gucci Handbags are now among the most popular and happening handbags today. Finding the right handbag for yourself, Gucci handbag is for you.

Christian Dior:

Christian Dior is a popular brand for various things like eyewear, lingerie, ties, Dior clothing, perfumes, and other

accessories. The Brand is after the name of Christian Dior (1905-1957) of France. Dior has wonderful exclusive handbags made up of quality leather juts and other material. The brands exotic style of handbags speaks for them and indeed marks the fashion statement.


Versace is one of the world's leading international fashion houses which was founded in 1978. The Presently it?s headed by Creative Director, Donatella Versace. Versache?s Style Department employs an exceptional group of designers and stylists who work in teams specifically dedicated to each individual line. To ensure the highest quality, carefully selected manufacturers craft all Versace products. The Versace products are high in quality, most fashionable and smart. They are crafted so well keeping in mind the upcoming trends and niche class needs. It?s the world class Brand that speaks for its class and style.

Juicy Couture:

Juicy Couture is the most famous fashion brand favored by celebrities such as Madonna, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz.

Juicy Couture reflects a modern attitude and charisma with the products for women, men, and children apparel categories as well as handbags and accessories.


Craftsmanship, handmade personalised manufacturing, research of each and every material used and a good attention to refined details. These are elements that support and are the spirit of Fendi. whether its a simple style, a comfortable handbag with a short shoulder strap, Fendi makes it best and apt for their customers. Its most popular creation has been a baguette bag which looks like French baguette bread from which it gets its name.

Marc Jacobs:

Casual and comfortable at the highest level, Marc Jacobs is always unfathomably chic and happening. The leaders of New York's fashion city, Marc Jacobs shows his signature style and wisdom with his wonderful collection of exquisitely crafted handbags.


Created by Donna Karan. The idea behind her designs is only clothes and accessories she would wear herself - she thinks with a prospect of the best of everything for a woman who is like her, a mother, a traveler, employed or a business women, someone who doesn't have time to shop. And this all makes her design the worldclass handbags.

Nike & Reebok

The Nike is again a top brand known for its top class sports accessories. They also make world-class sports bags. These sports bags are top notch in quality and style.

These Bag companies put their best foot forward in making available the best styled, quality and fashionable bags for their customers. May be we give a little thought to the manufacturers when buy a bag but there potential and major role in getting the best for you is commendable in its own way.