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Globetotting in style with Tumi

Globe trotters have never had it so good. Holiday packages, cheaper airfares, sightseeing and stay at hotels at unbelievable prices and of course exotic food in a mouthwatering palette. Every vacation begins with a packing list. Having decided what to pack, you can decide upon your travel gear.

A wide range of luggage in a stunning array of colors and shapes and sizes are now available in all leading brands. Yester years featured the boring hues of black, brown and blues. Now there are a bevy of beauties to pick from including red, pastel shades, crimson, green, orange and pink. Just about any color you would like to flaunt.

The new breed of versatile, multipurpose bags, briefcases and travel cases are the favored luggage pieces. These stylish and chic looking bags can accommodate a notebook, PDA, mobile phone, MP3 player, clothing, magazines, wallet, keys, water bottles, cookies and many other travel accessories.

While shopping for travel bags, it is essential to keep in mind the type of luggage you would like to own. There are hard and soft luggage available in the market. However, the past decade has been witness to very few travelers carrying luggage with hard plastic sides. The soft sided travel cases offer more flexibility, can whiz through with more ease and lan and can carry any amount of stuff when compared to the hard sided ones. The soft luggage can easily be placed into various sized compartments and are a better fit in tight overhead spaces.

Suitcases or carry bags must look elegant, offer more packing flexibility complete with lots of pockets and expandable zippered compartments. They should also be able to withstand abuse and rough weather. You must keep all these factors in mind while shopping for one.

The Tumi brand

Travelers who are brand conscious and want to flaunt their stuff need look no further. The TUMI brand of luggage is style, taste, comfort and elegance all rolled into one. This premier brand of bags is sturdy, innovative and boasts of supreme quality. Tumis strength is derived from the engineering behind each piece of its luggage. These bags are tested and re-tested to ensure the greatest possible strength, function and safety to its owner.

A Tumi travel case is a thing of envy to fellow travelers. The signature red tag on the discreet black bag speaks of quality craftsmanship and pure class. It is definitely heavy on the wallet but with every purchase you make from this wide collection of bags, you join an elite club of high end luggage carriers.

A Tumi travel piece certainly draws many admiring glances as it journeys its way to its owner on the conveyor belt. The style, shape, color, quality and design are hard to miss. This international brand is named after the Inca deity of good fortune, Tumi. It was started in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Peru. Tumi shot to fame owing to its design excellence, superior and ultra functional black-on-black ballistic nylon fabric and its innovative craftsmanship.

This luxury collection features a diverse range of products. Tumi manufactures business cases, dainty handbags, leather duffle bags, signature luggage, gym bags, garment bags, camera bags, laptop cases, small leather goods, totes and executive accessories, pens and watches.

Why tumi Stands a class apart

Tumi is touted as a world class leader. This success is attributed to its continual focus on its principles of technical innovation, functional superiority, unique design, product excellence, product quality and unparalleled performance.

Tumi has 25 patents to its credit. This prestigious company has earned laurels several leading publications making it a brand to reckon with. Though there is stiff competition from other premier brands, Tumi stands out for its durability, quality and innovativeness and upscale image.

The tumi Tracer Program

A case of mix up, missing or stolen bags is not an uncommon story. To help its customers relocate their missing luggage Tumi launched a unique program called the Tumi Tracer in March 1999. This is an initiative to protect the customers valuables and helps them relocate or reclaim their baggage.

Every product has a 20 digit number specially etched on its metal plate which is permanently affixed to all its luggage pieces. This product bar code number is the unique and exclusive identity of the travel case. This number along with the owners name, address and other contact details in entered in the Tracer database which is registered with the company. The number can also be reported online and once the number is matched with that of its owner, the person can collect his bag.

During the purchase of Tumi bag there is a tracer registration form which can be filled up online or at the store you make the purchase.

Other customer oriented programs

Tumi offers a life time warranty on its products. The Tumi Repair Centre sets right any problems your travel bag encounters due to the daily wear and tear. There are authorized repair centers and if the problem is not covered by the warranty program, the processing fee and time taken for the repair will be intimated. During this period customers can take advantage of the Tumi Loaner service for a nominal fee. However this service is offered only in select cities.

The Tumi Collection

Tumi emphasizes on style, durability and international standards of design and quality. Its commitment to perfection and excellence has made it the leading international brand of luxury travel. Tumi has a dedicated line of products for men, women, business professionals, frequent flyers, designer luggage and executives.

Smart design, stylish looks, light weight and elegance define a true Tumi piece:

• The Generation 4 Ballistic Nylon is the ultimate companion for the Tumi travler. Made from abrasion proof FXT ballistic nylon it is the most durable and sturdy luggage piece you can own.

• Understanding all your expectation for a comfortable travel, Tumis Generation 4 Travel Collection is made from rich full grain Napa leather which includes a sophisticated range of carry-ons and soft travel pieces.

• This one is for the executive and traveler. While on a professional business visit, the Generation 4.4 Briefs spells

class and respect. It meets the needs of todays high-tech professional complete with modern and ultra functional features.

• Tumis T3 bags are uniquely designed. They have an asymmetrical aluminum telescoping handle which helps you to hold on to your luggage conveniently and the automotive wheeling make it a pleasure to travel.

• The T-Tech Flow is a light weight water resistant nylon bag with textural ballistic weave nylon trims and contrast linings. You just cannot let go of this beauty.

• Tumis T-Tech Pusle is a high performance, abrasion resistant hybrid nylon piece which is suited to all your travel needs with smart organization. This business collection is tremendously popular with executives and frequent flyers.

• Formula T is a contemporary, design driven leather business case collection with sophisticated European detailing. The intricacies include bold custom designed metal T clasps, organizer pockets and detachable leather shoulder straps.

• Tumis Elements is crafted for todays super woman who juggles professional ventures and homemaking at ease. It is made from eye catching ballistic weave nylon and offers the modern woman a sense of pleasure and power.

• The Tumi+Ducati are the result of bold and latest cutting edge technology. Its unique contoured designs are shaped out of abrasion and stain resistant Hybrix fabric.

• Ruby Red, Vista and Sando are other Tumi specialties.

• Other bags include golf bags, yoga bags, camera bags, messenger bags, backpacks, laptop cases and gear bags. Each comes with specialized features, expandable compartments and easy access zips.

Tumi has its headquarters in New Jersey and its products are available at exclusive stores around the world. Tumi has more than 50 stores ranging from France, US, China and Japan.