Washington mutual credit cards

Washington mutual platinum card:

This particular card has a great feature inbuilt in it and that is clients will come to know immediately whether the application or request for this card has been accepted or rejected. The spontaneity and the speed with, which the clients comes to know about the status of their card is immense. One of the salient benefits of this particular card is that whenever an unauthorized purchase is made and you as the cardholder claim vociferously and vehemently that the purchase made is not authorized by you then there will not be any fraud liability penalty and it will be zero dollars. This helps the cardholders especially from the perspective that unauthorized transactions are becoming colossal day-by-day. If you get enrolled into the online account management program of Washington mutual credit; an offer card will be provided to you every time you visit the site. This is a brilliant way of expanding the client base and also helps the customer from spending a lot of time searching and applying for a credit card.

In the recent times, Washington mutual has mounted up to ninth position in rankings for credit cards in America and this has happened after it took over the previous credit card baron and goliath “Provident Credit Card”. For the Washington mutual bank, this is certainly a very big jump in the credit card word and after its collaboration with Provident Credit Card banner, it started presenting 3 more cards.

The first one is known as “ The Providian Real Rewards”. The salient feature of this card is every time the cardholders makes use of this card it provides certain “reward points” and these points can be accumulated to a significant level and can be later used to buy movie tickets, can be used as restaurant vouchers or even to purchase flight tickets through “flight reward points” system. The clients will obviously be delighted to enjoy these facilities.

The second card being offered is the Providian cash back. This is similar to the other cash back cards, the only difference being you will have cash back on any purchases! This is very impressive as the customer gets lot of scope to get money back. The last card being offered is the Providian rewards which will earn one point for you for every dollar spent by you through this card. The rewards can be redeemed either as merchandise, gift cards or travel benefits.

Though the offers seem to be great, there has been lot of unrest among its customers because of the disrepute it suffered with a string of lawsuits against it. Customers have constantly accused Providian of charging them more than what they were due. Even the customer service which should be the hall mark for any business is found to lacking in quality and service. This is really sad as customer service is one of the most important interfaces you have when you are dealing with any kind of business. It remains to be seen how Washington mutual is going to turn around the verdict and make itself a strong presence in the credit card market.