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In present scenario, most of people like to make payment for purchases made by credit cards. If any retailer or business unit is not allowing for credit card payments, it is actually loosing potential business. Accepting credit cards has become necessity for most of showrooms and supermarkets.There are many payment gateway service providers in market that allow business establishments to accept credit card . For example, Authorize.Net is one such payment gateway.

If business is carried online, one has to inevitably accept credit card as mode of payment. This is because it allows businesses to receive many benefits. For example, credit card payment facility fetches payments from impulse buyers . There are many people who get fired after seeing product online and reading its feature. As a result, they make immediate online purchase by way of credit card . If credit card is not accepted, this type of business would be lost for sure . This is because writing, mailing and getting checks cleared is a very long procedure and by that time, mood of customer may get shifted. Almost all the online selling houses accept credit card payments.

If any business activity involves international customers, accepting credit card again becomes necessity. This is because international customers like to carry credit cards rather than hard cash . Making payments by credit card also take care of problems arising out of currency difference . All the online businesses attract international customers and thus, accept credit card payments .

There are basically two ways in which credit card payments can be accepted. These are using own merchant account and getting payment by means of third party merchant .By opening own merchant account with any bank, accepting credit cards become easier and profitable . Requirements for opening merchant account and associated rewards vary from one bank to another and thus, a person should make some shopping for getting best merchant account. Second way of accepting credit card payment is by means of third part merchant account . There are many service providers in market that accept credit card payments on behalf of their customers and charge fee.

One major issue in front of any business is selecting the right way of credit card payment acceptance.It should be understood here that initial costs attached with opening of own merchant account for accepting credit card are usually higher when compared to third part merchant account .Thus, all the establishing small businesses should accept credit card by way of third party merchant account . There are some third party merchants in the market that do not charge any type of set up fee at all . However, transaction fee attached with third party merchant accounts is higher as compared to own merchant account. Transaction fee is the amount payable to bank or third party merchant for each point of sale .The best solution is that an establishing business should accept credit card by way of third party merchant account . If sales start picking up and credit card payment volume increases, own merchant account can easily be opened later on. This is the reason why all new businesses use services of third party merchants .Some popular third party merchants are Pro Pay, Pay Pal, Click Bank etc .

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