New Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card is a power in the hands of the business owner who has a small size business . There are many benefits which can extracted once the owner has the Business Credit Card . The major benefit is that the interest rate charged would be very low and the credit limit will relatively higher than ordinary credit card . This card is best suited for the small business owners who have hand to hand purchase requirements quite often .

Added to this the companies lend a favouring hand to offer these cards to business owners . They know the fact that the small business owners use the card quite often than a ordinary customer . The major benefit using the Business card for the owner is that the company providing the card will give the annual report of all transactions free in most cases if not they may charge a little . This will be very helpful for the business owner while tax returns and claims . The customer service provided for the small Business Credit card would much faster and accurate while in comparision with the ordinary customer. Credit card companies offering these kinds of cards work tightly to keep the business card owners happy all times . They are aware of the fact that if the business owner is happy with the service provided then they can also get mutually benefitted . Internet is the best place to get more information about these topics.

With the boom in IT industry and new Technologies related to internet , there are thousands of websites and portals which have online content about the Business Credit cards . These portals/websites provide nitty gritty details of different types of cards and their offers . First step is to do a research of various credit card providers and select the provider who has good history in the market . After doing so , apply for the Business credit card online which is a simple procedure hardly taking a few of your minutes . Fill in the Credit card application online and submit the form online , the designed system will prompt you whether you have been selected for the card in just a few minutes .

The Credit card companies can check the credit report if the person qualifies for the card .so there is no more waiting or round trips to company to know acceptance or rejection . If you are a Business owner then go for a Business Credit Card , this will help your business grow and take the same to newer heights . Now a days Business owners , entrepreneurs and corporate big shots are using the Business credit cards for various financial needs in business . Many companies are providing zero percent APR on any balance transfer made for sixteen months and fix the same to 7.99 % from there on.

They also provide lucrative offers such as cash back , travel and some times discounts at various shopping malls . Citibank Business credit card has a zero percent APR on all purchases and provide the balance transfer for maximum of twelve months .There is no annual fee charged and provide exellent customer service . They also provide all reports of the transactions made by customer anually , quaterly and monthly basis .Good credit score is needed to apply for the same .

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