Credit cards.. Can't live with them, can't live without them.....

It is important in today's society to establish good credit. Bad credit and No credit can equally hurt you getting a job, apartment or that dream house you desire.

One way to establish good credit or to repair a tarnished record is to recieve and properly use a credit card. There are many credit card companies offering credit credit cards with different programs from secured credit cards to those with no annual fees.

Get something back when you spend, from straightforward cash to flexible points. If you're a big spender, don't write off cards with annual fees: do the math and the payoff could surprise you. Compare points earned per dollar or percent cash back on the things you spend the most on, like travel, restaurants, groceries, gas. The bottom line: points can net you more rewards, but take some wrangling. If you don't want the hassle, try cash back. Get value back on every purchase you make with a rewards credit card!

Holding credit cards

If you have creditors chasing you for money you owe, please read Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


If you have poor credit and need need help: Credit Repair:

Does credit repair really work?


Need Quick Cash? Here are some Quick Money Loans, some the same day loans, some with loans in one hour!



Help finance your move and buy what you need with a credit card. Check out interest rate informations and credit card offers before deciding on a card.  Only the best credit cards will have low interest rates and can determine an appropriate limit for you. Government sites list credit cards that you should stay away from.