Massachusetts Utility Companies

What utilities can I expect to pay when I rent in Boston?

When you rent an apartment expect to pay for your electricity (lights, appliances, electronics) and gas (appliances). A landlord is not allowed to charge for water unless the water is seperately metered and water saving devices are installed. You may however be charged for the heating of the water (via a gas/electric bill). Heat may or may not be included in the rent. If it's included, it's most likely through a centralized heating system for an entire building, meaning you have no contol over the heat.
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Eversource - Eversource Electric
Customer Service:
Residential customer service, emergencies, gas leaks, service interruptions, account inquiries, and moving. 800-592-2000
Tech Center: Customer service for Business Customers. 800-340-9822
Hearing Impaired TTY Line: 800-322-8242
Credit & Collections - Residential Customers: 866-861-6225
Credit & Collections - Business Customers: 800-340-9822
Builders and Contractors: Includes installing new electric services, upgrading or moving a service, and temporary disconnection of a service. 888-633-3797
Streetlight Repairs: Voicemail Box 800-785-4837
Claims (Residential): Voicemail box. 844-685-4475
Claims (Business): Voicemail box. 866-678-2792


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  • Comcast Xfinity - COMCAST / XFINITY 1-800-934-6489


  • Astuond by RCN - Astound by RCN 1.800.427.8686


  • Verizon - Verizon 1.800.VERIZON


    Click Here for Internet Access Information


    Verizon - Verizon 1 (800) 837-4966


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    Massachusetts Water Resources Authority - (617) 242-6000

    Boston Water and Sewer Commission - Boston Water & Sewer Commission:
    Main Telephone: (617) 989-7000 (24 hour service)
    Customer Service Department: (617) 989-7800
    Collections Department: (617) 989-7070
    Operations: (617) 989-7900
    TTY: (617) 989-7780


    Nationalgrid - nationalgrid
    Customer Service:
    Hearing Speech Impaired Customers: 711
    Gas Emergency: 800-233-5325 or 911
    Report an Outage: 1-800-465-1212
    Credit/Collection Issues or Payment Arrangements: 800-233-5325
    Credit/Debit Card Payments via Western Union: 1-888-849-4310
    Claims (for damage to a customers property): 781-907-3930
    Specialized Commercial Group: 1-800-322-3223
    New Service, Gas pipe Installations & Natural Gas Conversions: 877-696-4743
    Dig Safely: 1-888-DIG-SAFE (888-344-7233) Note: This is not a National Grid phone number.


    Eversource - Eversource Gas
    Customer Service:
    Residential customer service, emergencies, gas leaks, service interruptions, account inquiries, and moving. 800-592-2000
    Hearing Impaired TTY Line: 800-322-8242
    Dig Safe: 888-344-7233
    Gas Sales - Switching to gas heat: 866-678-2744
    Credit & Collections (residential): 866-861-6225
    Credit & Collections (business): 800-340-9822
    Builders and Contractors: 866-633-3797
    Claims: Voicemail box. 844-685-4475


    Government - Heat Related - Who to contact in case of heat emergency.


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