Telephone Information

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To order new service, change existing service or for billing and other questions:

Verizon - Verizon 1-(800)-980-9999

Repair Service

Residence Tel.: 1-555-1611

Business Tel.: 1-555-1515

Public Pay Phone: 1-555-1611

Local Numbers:

Directory Assistance 4-1-1 Directory Assistance for "800" numbers 1-800-555-1212 Police Emergency 9-1-1

TDD Users Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

To establish or change your TDD service and for billing and other questions.

Voice/TDD toll free: 800-882-1417

To place a local or long distance call, 24 hour availability.

Voice/TDD toll free: 800-439-2370

Repair service During regular business hours

Voice/TDD toll free: 800-882-1417

All other times Voice/TDD toll free:


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Pick Your Long Distance Carrier On The Fly

If you have the new "Equal Access" (your choice of LD carriers) telephone system you have the right and opportunity to use any Long Distance carrier when you make a call, not just the carrier you signed up for. Below are the codes to access the LD carriers.

When you place calls on an LD carrier different from your regular one, the bill will be part of your -local- phone bill rather than your LD carrier bill.

Using the EqualAccess system you can take advantage of EVERY LD carrier's best rates. Some have better deals calling overseas than others or calling into certain countries, some have better deals calling small towns, etc. You gather the rate information from the carriers and do what's best for you.

Even if you don't have the rate information this could be a handy list. If you ever tried to call LD over Xmas or Thanksgiving you know how difficult it can be to get through on holidays. Using the list below means that when it's busy on one carrier's lines you can shift to another carrier and try there.

Every carrier code begins with a 10.

Two companies have made it relatively easy to remember them:

AT&T is 10 ATT (288) and Sprint is 10 SPR (777).

But remember, these "10 Triple XXX" codes don't work unless the phone you're calling from is tied to the "Equal-Access" system.

Telephone booths?

No harm in trying.

As we know there are many "telephone companies" formed specifically to prey on people using unfamiliar phones. They target the collect-call business at telephone booths and ALL the phone services in hospital rooms, hotels/motels, and other places where we make calls in new surroundings.

Callers assume they are using a major phone carrier and discover when the bill comes that each local call was $5 and the five minute LD call back to the office was $20.

The gal with a broken leg who continues her telephone solicitation for the United Way from her hospital bed gets home and receives an $800 phone bill not covered by any insurance.

And at no time was she advised that her hospital phone service was being provided -- not by AT&T -- but by Predator Telco, Inc.

The Ten "Triple XXX" codes.
American Network/Savenet.....10311
American PTT.....10278
American Telephone Exchange.....10050
Amptelco Systems.....10267
Com Systems.....10266
CP National.....10276
Escondido Telephone Co......10441
Express Tel......10700
GTE Sprint.....10777
Hold Communications.....1016868
Republic Telecom.....10001
Standard Information Services.....10747
TDX Systems.....10223
Telesphere Network.....10555
TMC Long Distance.....10007
U.S. Telecom.....10333
Western Union.....10220

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