Travelers' Safety Tips



1. Always carry traveler's checks instead of large amounts of cash.


2. Do not carry all your money or checks in one place.


3. Do not show that you have large bills or travelers checks while paying for purchases.


4. Avoid carrying your purse and/or wallet loosely or in obvious places where they may be easily stolen. Don't leave purses on chairs or on restroom hooks.


5. Do not leave jewelry, money or other items lying loosely around hotel rooms when you go out, even for a short while (like to the hotel swimming pool). Lock them in room or hotel safes. Do not leave them unattended at poolside or the beach either.


6. Make sure rooms are securely locked and chains fastened wherever possible. Do not leave room keys lying out at swimming pools.


7. You should know who's knocking before you answer the door. If they say they are from the hotel, confirm with the hotel operator that they are in fact from the hotel.


8. Do not leave the door open while you are lying in the room. Always lock the door while you are in the room.


9. Lock any packages, cameras or other valuable items in the trunk when you leave your car. Use the hotel desk safe if possible.


10. When you go out at night, try to stay in well lit areas and travel in pairs or groups if possible. If you are unfamiliar with an area, take a map along so you will not get lost.


11. Pay attention when you are walking and/or driving through hotel and restaurant parking lots. If you see anyone suspicious, notify the hotel management. Look around before opening your hotel room door to make sure no one is lurking nearby.