6 Exciting Things That Must Be On Your Bucket List


Everyone should have a bucket list, that to-do list you carry around with you at all times that contains six things that must be done before you die. It doesn't matter who you are or what your background is, this will help keep your life exciting and adventurous.


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How To Enjoy Life?

The best way to enjoy life is by meeting new people and having new experiences. New friends will come your way while you embark on the bucket list journey. You'll be surprised at who offers to go with you or even wants to offer advice on what activities should be carried out next. Don't limit yourself either, try everything once (within reason of course).


How To Start A Bucket List?

If you haven't already, write a list of six activities that must be done before you die. You'll want to make sure they are exciting and adventurous so that you get the full experience out of it. Once you have included at least one activity for each area of life (e.g., physical, mental, emotional) start doing them. We have chosen some to make it easier for you, but you can also go with some cheaper activities if this is not within your reach.


1. Watch the Northern Lights

For some, this may be an easy task that can be completed during a trip to Iceland or Finland. For others, this may require a bit of travel and extra effort on your part. The Northern Lights are no stranger to Alaska and areas north of there; however, it is common for people to want to enjoy them in a place where they'll be easy to see. During the winter, it may be possible for you to go up north and catch a glimpse of the pure beauty that is this natural phenomenon.


2. See A total eclipse

If you're not somebody who's interested in science or astronomy, this might seem like an odd thing to add to your bucket list. However, experiencing a total solar eclipse can be something that changes how you look at things forever. The last time one happened in the United States was in 1979, so unless you have been extremely blessed with foresight and planning skills to travel across decades, now would probably be a good time to start looking into this event.


3. Scuba dive

For those who don't know, scuba diving is a recreational water activity that uses self-contained underwater breathing apparatus which allows the user to breathe underwater. Similar activities include snorkeling and freediving. You can find scuba diving sites where you can explore to see what fits you best. Scuba diving can be used for many reasons such as exploring, deep-sea fishing, and of course...diving for treasure (just like in all those video games you play).


4. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World

This is probably one of those bucket list items that can make any traveler feel inadequate because there are always going to be new wonders added to the list every once in a while. The current Seven Wonders of the World are the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal (India), Chichen Itza (Mexico), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Machu Picchu (Peru), Roman Colosseum, and Petra (Jordan).


5. Participate in a polar plunge

If you have never participated in a polar plunge, I would highly recommend it. For those of you who don't know what a polar plunge is, it's essentially when you jump into an ice-cold body of water as soon as the New Year hits. If that doesn't sound appealing to you, there are also plunges that take place around springtime for those who just can't wait until January 1st rolls around. The idea behind these jumps is to promote charity fundraising, amongst other things that may be related to a cause or just a fun event for people to attend.

Seven Wonder of the World


6. Live abroad

So this is a bit of a broad bucket list item, but it would be a shame to not mention it due to that fact. The idea of living abroad can take many forms, and each person will have their own version of what "abroad" means for them personally. If you're somebody who enjoys traveling and finding new experiences, then moving out of your comfort zone is probably something that should be on your list, no matter how long or short the trip may end up being.


All of these experiences can be a great addition to someone's bucket list, but it is important to remember that no two lists should ever be the same. The main goal in creating your own personal bucket list is to simply have fun and don't forget anything along the way. Once you take care of everything on your list, you can always create a new one and start over because life will always have plenty of things to see.