Property Development


There are many different types of property development. A few examples are:

  • Residential new build project
  • Commercial new build project
  • Renovate and refurbish existing homes
  • Converting properties from commercial to residential and vice versa.
  • Raw land development

Before you start developing a property you need to find out what the land is zoned for and the zoning laws. To make a profit out of your development you need to determine the offer price and evaluate if it is economic feasibility. It's also important to to find a good realtor to market the property to sell.
Some of the skills needed to work as a property developer is having the ability to work on a rage of different projects, work in high pressure environments, be flexible, understand numbers and financial information.
Below you'll find some interesting articles about building and property development.


People at a table with a laptop, tablet and lots of paperwork
Property Management

Outsourcing Key Tasks in Commercial Construction

February 16, 2023

Outsourcing key tasks in commercial construction, from project management to specialized trades, boosts efficiency and success by leveraging professional expertise.…

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Architect, drawing
Real Estate

3 Key Stages in the Real Estate Development Process

November 21, 2022

Project managers, architects, builders, construction managers, designers, land surveyors, and legal teams are only some of the key players involved in real estate project…

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Arial view of housing
Real Estate

How to Build Your Home in a Tight Market

September 23, 2021

In a tight real estate market, buying any kind of home is a bit more challenging and a bit more expensive. You can expect to pay more for building materials…

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2 people holding up the letters H O M E (home)
Real Estate

Ready to Build Your Dream Home? Consider These 7 Tips

August 27, 2021

In this write-up, we will be presenting seven (7) essential tips that you need to consider when building your dream home. If you fail to plan the building of your dream home, you…

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white house with white, blue and black shudders
Real Estate

Benefits Of Building A Single Story Apartment

February 22, 2021

Building an apartment isn't an easy task that you just plan, decide, and create in a single day. You need to look for ways to fully maximize each space and be efficient with every corner of the lot…

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people installing solar panels
Real Estate

Green Building Trends to Watch Out For in the Boston Property Sector

March 02, 2020

Boston proper is moving to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century - a goal which is shaping the real estate building sector in many ways. Homeowners, wary of the level…

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