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Christmas cake decorationWhen people refer to someone that you want to have your cake and eat it too. They might be talking about the stunning cake that leave you spellbound with its beauty . No temptation is as great a beautifully decorated piece of that mouth-watering cake. cakes are not only the beautiful creature of god of great cuisine but it is manifestation of happiness in the life of human being.

From time immemorial cakes has been a sign of happiness and has made thier presence felt in every important event of life of human being .let it be birthday , wedding , wedding anniversary, engagement, festivals or when in the moments you just want to celebrate . it has a relevance that no one can deny and with Christmas season just round the corner , you might be looking for ideas to make your that special cake or cakes distinct from the mundane one.

So before starting something new lets get back to the history of Christmas cake and find out a little about how the Christmas cake grew to become a part of our inherited culture.Christmas cake evolved as we know from two customs which became one around 1870 in Victorian England. Originally there was no cake as the facility of over was not common and only great houses or the kings or important people have big conventional over to bake the cake. Then we had porridge, the origins of which go back to the beginnings of Christianity. Then there was a fine cake made with the finest milled wheat flour and I had told you earlier this was baked only in the Great Houses, due to the non availability of over .

People used to eat a sort of porridge on Christmas Eve.

around the 16th century, butter became a popular ingredient, wheat flour was also replaced by oatmeal, then adding eggs came in to the preparation to make dough better held together and to make it a little supple. this cake was far more different from what we use toady with almost none or little rum added to it. Christmas is celebrated almost all over the world in different ways according to different native custom and culture , but what binds the spirit of Christmas is the message of love that spreads through it.

So what is the better method to spread love then sending Christmas cakes as a token of love . so get drenched in a spirit of Christmas and start preparing those special Christmas cakes . and if this year you are thinking it to hit and make a differently decorated cake to share with your loved one, your friend and relative, I have the solution for you right here. IN the next couple of paragraph I am going to guide you and provide you with some very useful ideas to make your cake look different and tastier than other. distinct style for a distinct Christmas cake.

Although Christmas cake are prepared as per a conventional method, But as time is changing everything, it has changed Christmas cakes too. nowadays Christmas cake is more decorated and eye- catcher than it was few decades back. More and more creative People are experimenting with cakes and making them look more beautiful and tasty with new recipe and decoration. I will tell you few secrets (certainly not from my granny secret recipes) to decorate your Christmas cake and gain a reputation of diferent cake maker.

Lets start. Santa clause has been figure of amusement for kids and parents together. And who doesnt love the white bearded Santa but how about the sweet reindeer who carry the sledge of Santa and bring him back at your doorsteps years after years. you can decorate your conventional cake buy buying one of those special cookies shaped santa or Rudolf or by using your imagination you can bake them in the shape of santa. Fresh fruits can be used in plenty in the Christmas cakes. Fruits such as Kiwis, grapes, oranges and strawberries can be arranged on the top of a cake and glazed with shiny chocolate or vanilla syrup.

A full glutton scoop of ice cream on the top will add to the glory . how about Fresh sliced figs with dollops of cream can make a delectable embossing.Lace papers placed above the cake before dusting makes wonderful lacy patterns. Shapes such as stars, polka dots, flowers, diamonds, waves can be cut out from parchment paper and can be used to decorate the cakes. patterns of radiating lines and both confectioners sugar and cocoa powder can be used for dusting over the cake.Chocolate curls, ruffles, jagged slabs and leaves are another easy way to decorate the Christmas cake.

Chocolate curls can be made with a vegetable peeler and can be used for garnishing above th cake . Marzipan can be shaped into animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, Santa , rulof randierr, Christmas tree and any numerous bizarre shapes.a sugary syrup made f jaggery can be pored over the the cake to make it look more beautiful making a syrupy and delectable.

However, the decoration tips provided above you many ideas which you can use and make your cake look more dilatable, I insist that it depends on your creative ability that how differently you decorate your Christmas cake and make the celebration more enjoyable by everybody . you can use many more things that you thought that you cant use but remember that your decoration might nor effect the feeling of other. Like dont make a bikinied women beside Santa on your cake with the icing it might ruin your chances of becoming different . you can be termed not jocular but rude and vague. so happy experimenting and let your imagination reach the pinnacle of it. Wishing you a Merry Christmas