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Cake decorations

Cake decorations were initiated first in the ancient period in Egypt. Cake decorations are used to improve cakes so that they look good and more presentable. Although cake decorations have changed since the olden days, the objective remains the same.

Several cake suppliers offer various types of cake decoration services. These services are customized for specific cakes such as strawberry cake decorations, banana cake decorations, apple cake decorations, pumpkin cake decorations, lemon cake decorations, carrot cake decorations, seashell cake decorations, orange cake decorations, cheese cake decorations, flower cake decorations, dragon cake decorations and many more.

Cake decorations can include several different types of decorations including fruit cake decorations, garden cake decorations and animal cake decorations. Cake decorations can also be customized to a specific theme according to how you want it to be.

Cake decorations can also be done keeping in mind the various festivals such as Christmas cake decorations, Easter cake decorations, New Year cake decorations, Thanks giving cake decorations Halloween cake decorations, Valentines Day cake decorations etc.

There is lot of information available on the Internet that can guide you about professional cake decorators and other methods for care decorations which you can use while doing it yourself. Cake decoration must be practiced well before you can start doing it practically. Professional Cake Decorating is a perfect guide which describes all the methodologies and procedures that are related to cake decorations. Professional Cake Decoration includes different lessons for different set of people based on their experience on cake decoration basic, intermediate, and advanced piping skills; hand modeling etc.

Professional Cake Decorating book covers more than 200

step by step images of cake decoration plus more than 125 examples of cake decoration. Some of the useful techniques included in Professional Cake Decorating include cake writing and piping, royal icing designs, cake borders, rolled icing, floral patterns, petit fours, marzipan fruits and figurines, gum paste floral art and design, piped flowers and much more.

Professional Cake Decorating book also includes basic skills such as making rosettes, rope, garlands, reverse shells, fleur-de-lis, zigzags, scrolls, rosebuds, shells, and other confectionary designs. It includes more than 35 proven recipes and has been prepared after a thorough research of more than thirty years. Professional Cake Decorating is a comprehensive all in one guide that can teach you all the finer aspects of cake decoration.

One can even practice cake decorating skills by decorating a cake that is made from boxed mix from any brand. Mix liquid ingredients, usually eggs, oil and water in a big bowl and stir it continuously for the time specified in the boxs directions. "The Cake Mix Doctor" is another book on care decoration that includes several recipes.

Icing on the cake is one of the most important things and should be done with complete care. The procedure includes learning how to bake a cake, cooling the cake after baking, evening out the layers so that they are leveled, filling the layers and then icing the cake, smoothing the icing and then performing cake decorations.

One must make use of the Perfect Butter cream Recipe after icing. Unlike Butter cream, this is not very stiff and easily glides on the cake thus preventing it from coming out from the sides and spoiling the cake decoration.

One must use gel colors for coloring the icing as they are more delicate than the paste ones. Also, the color that is being used should be slightly lighter than the actual color desired, since the color darkens after you apply it on the cake. One must practice properly before actually starting icing on the cake. Before going to the Cake Decorating Guide, you must also smoothen the icing on the cake. Icing must be done very carefully as it gives an excellent and smooth finish to the cake and is hence one of the most critical parts of decorating a cake. Icing should be done perfectly as the cake decoration will not look good on an unevenly iced cake.

There are many things which one can use for effective and good cake decorations. For example, flower "nails" can be used for fashioning roses out of icing. Toothpicks can be used for wiping the excess icing, for removing mistakes and for dying icing. Cake insulators can be used for even baking and to avoid browning of sides. Cake insulators are insulated strips of cloth that wrap around a cake pan. A cake leveler helps to carefully slice even layers of cake from the rounded top of a layer.

After cake decoration is done, it is advisable to let it stay in the freezer for sometime. This is practiced by professional bakers as it helps to tighten the cakes crumb thus enhancing the cake decoration further. If a freshly baked cake is immediately cut, it may turn into small pieces and loose its shape. However, this can be prevented by freezing it for some time. Cake Decorating is not an unworkable art to learn, but it does take practice and lots of patience.