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Seat belts are safety measures, implemented by the traffic commission. In most of the countries, seat belts are made mandatory for those who drive the car and also for those who travel. In the year 1985, New York becomes the first state to enact a mandatory law to use the seat belt and it came in to effect in 1985. After implementing the law, New York saw that the death rate due to vehicle crash dropped drastically in a few years of time.



Wearing the seat belts properly can help you in absorbing the force of a crash impact and hold you securely in place and will help you from not getting injured. Seat belts are designed in such a way that the wearers are sitting upright. The seat belt should be designed in such a way that it provides sufficient room for the wearer to have a movement and is comfortable in wearing. A seat belt should perfectly hold the person, it should not be too loose or too tight, and it should make the person to be at ease. There are two kinds of belt one is the lap belt and the other one is the shoulder belt. Lap belt should be put across your hip bones and shoulder belt should be put across your chest and shoulder and it should be away from your neck because, when any crash happens, it will crush your internal organs. If a person suffers any physical aliment, he could be excused from wearing it and should produce a proper medical certificate stating that he could be exempted from using seat belts.

Apart from seat belt bag, air bags also give an extra protection and safe journey for the travelers. These air bags are meant to work along with the seat belt bags. This combination of air bags and seat belt bag offers a maximum comfort for the motorist, and helps to avoid collusion from other motor vehicles. There are car seats, which are exclusively designed for infants, to protect them from heading to crash.

seat belt bag play a key role for those to undertake a long distance travel. Air bag and seat bag combination plays a great role in protecting the person. Many studies show that serious injuries could be stopped if the seat belts are worn regularly. The seat belt functions in an effective way of protecting ones body from getting injured. If you wear a seat belt it will help your body will stop in a crash, before you get a chance to hit or go through the windshield and get seriously injured. Wearing seat belts in small cars is more important, because when a small car happens to colloid with a big car, the injury is more severe. Air bags are very useful in frontal crashes, so it is not a good idea to skip your seat belt because you have an air bag. Air bags provide very effective protection in frontal crashes, drive up instantly to protect the driver or passenger that has an air bag.

Safety belts are designed in a way that it distribute forces against the crashes Seat belts keeps the driver in place , which will likely to strike interior and will prevent the person and the occupants from being thrown into the interior.

As one has understood the safety and usefulness of a seat belt, he should know to wear it properly. While buckling a

seat belt, it should be seen that the belt is positioned correctly. When one snug the lap belt around, it should be seen that it is snuggled around the hip and not the stomach, wrong usage of seat belt also cause internal injuries. While wearing a shoulder belt it should always cross across the shoulder or the collar bone and not the face. Some vehicles provide shoulder belt that allows one to move the shoulder belt's upper port. Such feature helps the shoulder belt to adjust, so that it does not touch the neck, which could cause hindrance. Some adjustments have to be undertaken, while using a seat belt, which could give you comfort and protect you from being injured.

There are some donts which has to be followed vigorously while using a seat belt. Seat belt should not be worn across the stomach, which could cause serious injury, when a crash occurs. When a shoulder belt is worn at the back, it would restrain the upper body and injuries to the head and neck could be likely to happen.

Special and proper restraints are considered for children, as the motor riding depends upon the age and size of the children and also the seats are designed depending upon the age and size. Children under the age of 12 should ride in the safest place preferably in the back seat of the car. A child should face the rear side of the car and while facing the rear side car safety seats for infants, shoulder straps must be in the lowest point and until the infant's shoulders are above it.

There are several seats available for children, for babies small and portable seats are available, it depends upon the size and age of the infant, the baby should be probably less than 20 pounds and below one year of age. Apart from children safety belts, pregnant women also have special safety belts and it is mandatory for pregnant women to wear a seat belt. Injury to a pregnant woman could affect both the mother and the child. During a crash a pregnant women sustains lesser injury, if she wears a seat belt and it also protects her child. The benefits are clearly pointed out that over 50% of accidents are reduced, if the seat belts are worn properly, and it reduces serious injuries to car occupants. Wearing seat belts are now being made mandatory by all the states. If the states do not implement the law of wearing seat belts, then it should at least implement the law for children to wear the seat belts.

Most of the government recommends their public to use safety belts, buckle up and take advantage of the best available protection in the event of a crash.