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History of Bags

Bag is a consumable item used for carrying or packaging purposes. This comes a part of our daily life in different environments. Bags role as a safety cover on any commodity we use in our daily life. Using of a Bag for carrying a product, a gift or an item is a gentle manner.

A bag definitely helps us to carry a number of goods easily and safely. Sometimes, bags are used for a permanent storage space for goods. A Bag is a co-traveler with a traveler in a journey. Without the baggage, it cannot be imagined as a comfortable journey. It provides a temporary arrangement of all commodities supposed to have.

Bag and History

The usage of bags has been signified from history. This is an essential discovery by human being with respect to their necessity. But the style and utilities have been

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modified with time changed. Our ancient people were using bags for transportation of crops, foods, and other materials. The history also tells about the fashion on using bags by different community and regions. The bag has been modified with evolution of clothes. Previously people were using different materials to make bags, such as: coconut fibers, jute fibers, big and strong leaves and scales. But along with the development of the material, the bag took different style, shapes and sizes.

Bag and Fashion

As we need and like to have a bag, then why dont we emphasis on the style and fashion. This is the reason of bringing the Bag into the fashion. The fashion industry is also very much inclined towards the materials, design, color and size of the bags. People are quite comfortable to carry a fashionable Bag that suits to their profession, dress code or occasion. So the industry also produces the same kind of bags for the market. The fashion-shows also go on to market bags.

Kinds of Bags

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There is no definite kinds of bags are being manufacturing through out world. So this is an imagination and yet to be studied. The research is going on in every sector and environment to make a different bag as per needs. There are some common usages are known but there is no definite shape and sized bag yet defined.

Messenger bags: This bag had been used by the postman from a long time back. These bags are used in postal department for carrying letter, parcel etc. Generally, these are very robust. These bags are made of leather or canvas or synthetics or such strong materials. There must be a pair of handles, zip and locking facility. The base of the bag usually is made of thick and strong synthetics.

Travel bag: Travel bags are exclusively used during long traveling. These are called Tourist bags also. These are designed with many facilities to carry all items to be used during a journey. During a tour, a tourist may get through heavy rain, capture moisture, and get sunlight and heat. The bag can withstand all the natural and unnatural hazards.

Tool bag: The tool bags are used to carry such useful mechanical tools that we use in machine room, vehicles, during traveling and movements. The bags are designed to carry metal tools and accessories. These are usually made of metal, synthetics and canvas. There is a handle, number of pockets and locking systems put on the bags.

Sports bag: Sports persons need so many items in indoor and outdoor sports to carry in a bag. These are designed according to different sports and items required. These are made of leather, canvas and synthetic to accommodate heavy to light items. An outdoor games sports bag carries dresses, cap, belt, food, water, first-aid kit and game instruments whereas, an indoor game box carries games instruments and light accessories.

Sleeping bag: This is a part of traveling baggage. Generally, it is made of canvas or synthetics materials. Overall it is very light and attached to a foam sheet and air pillow. It can be folded to a smaller shape that easy to carry.

Handbag: The handbags are used very commonly as a necessary item or as a fashion. These are used separately by men and women in deferent purposes also. The handbag used by women is called vanity bag. There are unlimited designs like dresses, come up to market every day.

Gift bag: The gift bag is a fancy one, which is decorated with different colorful materials. As a gift brings the delighting moments so, the bag is also expresses the same impression carrying the gift in it. The gift bag is prepared by wrapper materials, fabricated and attaches fancy ribbons etc.

Paper bag: Paper bags are used for carrying light goods and food items. These are colorful and printed by the supplier or product manufacturers. These are also used for carrying sophisticated electronics or electrical products.

Plastic bag: Generally, plastic bags are uses for packaging food and grocery items. In retail market, plastics are used for small bags that can protect from water and moistures. The item bagged with plastic is good for transportation for long distances also. But this is sacked from the market to protect environment nowadays.

Reusable bags

These kinds of bags come under fast moving consumable goods (FMCG). These are specially designed for specific purposes. Obviously, it protects against the plastic bags that generates pollution to the atmosphere. This also comes under the recycling industry where the bags are remade. These are environmentally-friendly as well as reusable. These include: Reusable plastic bags, Green bags and Chiller bags.

Reusable Plastic Bag: These types of bags are strong and durable, printed, colorful and with a plastic handle, can be used up to 10 to12 times.

Green Bag: These types of bags appear green; the distinguishable green bags have been incredibly popular. These are woven so as to be highly durable, and are entirely re-usable. They are also quite strong - ideal for heavy groceries or larger shopping trips.

Chiller Bag: These are cooler bags. These are sturdy and reusable, and are great for picnics or for keeping perishable items cool on the way home from the shops.

Health Bag: Health bags carry the medicated materials and used by a patient. The first-aid kit is one kind of health bag. The hot bag carries hot water that used by muscles movement. These bags are sophisticated and help people for an instant treatment.

Giving gifts is such a joy. The most gratifying feeling in the world is the sight of happiness on someone's face when you know you contributed to it. But, in bringing pleasure to the hearts of those we care for, do we sometimes overlook the impact of our generosity on our environment If you know someone in waste disposal, they'll tell you that their worst nightmare is the day after Christmas, when they have to find ways to clear up tons of wrapping paper and foil. Use-once-and-throw-away gift wrapping is heartbreaking; such beautiful things shouldn't have to be torn and thrown away. Here's one nice answer: Re-usable gift bags. If you run a gift store, putting your logo on environmentally friendly gift bags gifting or re-use is a great branding ploy. 70% of the most lucrative market segments now report considering environmental impact when choosing a brand or a store. And the numbers are growing.

Petite lookers gift bags

A wonderful addition to any elegant affair, our uniquely designed lookers gift bag is ideal for presenting party favors and displaying placecards. Removable delicate ribbons keep your goodies snug inside and its sturdy metal handles are perfect for clutching placecards. Gift bags are made of vinyl and are available in clear and frosted (see bottom left picture). Measures 3" Wide x 3" High (not including handle) x 2" Deep. Compare with smaller, lower quality imitations. Usually ships from our warehouse in 2-3 business days.

Decorative Gift Bags

Purchase inexpensive gift bags at the store. Save money by using leftover wrapping paper or wall paper to create the designs on your gift bags.

This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need:

Inexpensive plain gift bags

Scraps of wrapping paper or wallpaper border



How to Make It

1. Cut out designs on wrapping paper or wallpaper.

2. Arrange and glue on to the gift bag. Let dry.

3. Add tissue paper and a gift!

General Instructions:

1. Open a draw or word processing program.

2. Pull down under File to Page setup.

3. Choose Page Size: #10 envelope

4. Add clip art and text.

5. Seal envelope.

6. Place envelope in printer.

7. Print.

8. Cut off top of envelope above design.

9. Fold sides and bottom on lines shown in diagram.

10. Push sides and bottom towards center of envelope, creasing on fold lines.

11. Glue or corner triangles to bottom of "bag".

Make Your Own Gift Bags

Begin a family tradition by making bags out of pretty holiday fabric tied with cloth ribbon, and placing your

gifts in them. It is likely that everyone to whom you give the bags will really appreciate the idea of saving resources by using them, and will save the bags to wrap their own gifts next year. Maybe someday fabric bags will be like chain lettersyou give a gift to one person, who gives it to another, and maybe one day it will be given back to you!

Materials: Buy colorful fabric ribbon, and enough yardage of pretty fabric (holiday fabric is readily available in craft stores) to make the number of bags you want. You may also have some nice fabric stored at home in a drawer or closet. A little over a yard of 42" to 45" wide fabric will make two 20" x 10" inch bags.

Step 1: Choose the size bags you want to make and then adapt them to this pattern: For one 20" x 10" inch bag, cut out a piece of fabric 12" x 42" inches in size. Fold the fabric in half so that doubled it is 12" x 21" inches in size.

Step 2: With the "inside" sides pinned together, stitch the side seams on three sides. Turn inside out. Then turn inside the raw edge on the top of the bag and hem, either by hand or with a sewing machine.

Step 3: Cut a cloth ribbon at least 12" long. At the seam of the bag on one side or the other, about four or five inches from the bag opening, stitch the middle of the ribbon to the bag.

Gift Bags in Brief

Never judge a book by the cover. So goes the saying. But the same cannot be said for gifts. Because beautiful gift bags and gourmet gift baskets definitely have beautiful surprises inside them.

Now-a-days much attention is being paid to how gifts are packaged and presented, thus giving utmost importance to how the gift bag and gourmet gift basket looks to the eye at the end of the day.

Gourmet gift baskets usually make wonderful wedding, anniversary or birthday treats. These baskets come in various designs and shapes..some gourmet gift baskets may be in the form of elite picnic baskets or may be in the shape of a cute wheel barrow. You name it and shops have it. These gourmet gift baskets are filled with delicious mouth-watering goodies, nuts and wines that ensure you definitely will have a great spread.

Gift bags come in various forms...many of which are made out of eco-friendly materials. You can even make a gift bag at home with beautiful colourful fabrics and ribbons. Cello bags, party favor bags also make delightful gift bags which people tend to preserve even after using the gift.

When gift bags were introduced in 1987, gift wrapping was changed forever. The gift bag made anyone an expert at wrapping gifts even when stopping on the way to pick up a gift.

Bags are beautiful, clever, stylish; any shape and size of gift can fit into a bag; they can be added to when you forget; and they are very easy to carry.

For many reasons the handle bag saw instant popularity and today is the No. 1 way consumers choose to wrap gifts:

Hallmark handle bags tend to look good enough to reuse and often are.

Handle bags take up little space and stay neat.

The dreadful duo of ribbon and tape are eliminated, while tissue covers a multitude of sins.

Hallmark handle bags are of extremely high quality both in design and materials, which makes them too good to throw away and innovative designs make them keepers.

Not Just For Gifts

Versatile handle bags can be used as centerpieces on banquet tables, can hold signs for identifying tables, and can look festive tied with balloons amid streamers and confetti and can be found in virtually any color or theme. Bags are perfect on luncheon and reception tables when they hold fresh, fake or potted flowers. For a wedding or baby shower, a handle bag filled with themed items can be the centerpiece of the refreshment table. Mementos for guests can be pulled from a matching bag.

Another use for gift bags the goodie bag is a relatively recent phenomenon. These prize-filled packages may be presented to Academy Award winners and presenters, given as favors at conventions, used for door prizes, or used as a convenient substitute for the welcome, get-well or thank-you basket filled with goodies.

Research conducted in December 2004 by Hallmark reveals that of those who participated:

95 percent stockpile an average of 24 gift bags for both seasonal and everyday uses birthday, wedding, baby, kids characters, any occasion, and solid colors.

Three-fourths keep tissue paper on hand, with 95 percent keeping two packs of white tissue and an average of 68 sheets.

Of course, consumers keep other gift-wrapping items, too, but handle bags top the list.

Gift bags often are purchased for or reused for storage because they match dcor, are stylish and uncluttered looking, and typically are square or rectangular and tend to fit well on tabletop or shelf. They are used:

For kids' toys

For potpourri

For toting lunch

For in-home storage

For carrying items to and from work

For work-out clothes, a change of shoes

For a sturdy, attractive, disposable carryall for travel.

About 400 million Gift bags are sold a year, confirming that Americans know a good thing when they see it





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