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The game of golf The game of golf was started by Scottish in the early 15th century. The aim of the player in the game is to hit a small ball into a hole using a club. A player must try to do so in the least number of strokes. To master the game a player must have patience and must practice regularly.

A golfer must know how to use different types of golf clubs for different types of strokes. A player can carry a maximum of 14 clubs in a game. No minimum limit for the number of clubs has been defined, but borrowing clubs on the course is not an acceptable practice. Generally a player will need to carry different types of clubs, balls, tees and a ball mark repair tool kit. All golfers, even amateurs are expected to carry their own equipment in their golf bags. All this equipment must be easily accessible to the player. A new player may need to carry more balls and tees than his peers since in his initial games he is likely to lose many of them. Many golf courses are also particular about the dress code of the players. Golf is a game where rules are strictly followed. GOLF BAGS As mentioned, every golfer will require carrying his own set of clubs and balls. He can use a golf bags to carry his equipment on the course. There is a large range of golf bags available in the market and selection largely depends on an individual's taste and style of game. Some golfers prefer to use a golf cart to move around on the course while others prefer walking on the course. Accordingly, their selection of a bag also differs. Someone who prefers to walk on the course is likely to prefer a light weight bag with strong straps and handles for carrying purpose. However, such a bag may have fewer additional features. If a golfer is using a golf cart to move on the golf course, he will not be bothered with the weight of his golf bag. Such a player can go in for a bag that offers a range of additional features, such as an extra pocket for a water bottle, a hook for the player's towel, extra pocket for shoes or other accessories, a clip for attaching the score card etc. Selection of a golf bag also depends upon the frequency and style of play of the player. For someone who is a regular golf player, a more durable and sturdy golf bag will be a good investment while others who play just a few times in the year a less expensive and a lighter bag may do. According to his style of play, before selecting a golf bag, a player must also consider the number and kind of clubs he generally uses in his game. His golf bag must have ample space for keeping his clubs properly, especially clubs with large heads. The length of the bag should also be enough to cover the clubs completely in order to protect them from any damage. Buying a golf bag with club divider pockets is a good idea if a player is using an expensive set of clubs. The divider pockets ensure that individual clubs do not rub with each other. There is a wide variety of bags with different features available in the market. Several companies such as Adidas, Belding, Nike, Ping, Bag Boy, Callaway Golf etc. are making golf bags from which a golfer can buy.

About The Belding Golf Bag Company

The Belding Golf bag Company was started by Jack Belding Perrin and his wife Illah Perrin in 1972 in Oxnard, California. Jack Belding was a highly gifted leather craftsman while his wife Illah worked in the garment industry. Together, they built the company into one of the most well known brands for golf bags and accessories. However, in 1997, the Perrin family sold the Golf Bag Company to another firm- Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, in the belief that this new company will be able to manage Belding Golf Bag Company more professionally and will be able to take Belding Golf Bag Company to newer heights. Unfortunately, by the year 2002, Belding Golf Bag Company ran into rough weather and filed for bankruptcy. The Perrin family finally interfered and bought the company back. They reopened in February, 2003. The initial few months were spent in building the infrastructure of the company and getting it back on its feet. In January, 2004, Belding reappeared with its wide range of products on the PGA Merchandise Show. Since then the company has slowly rebuilt itself into the strong brand that it always was.

Range of Belding Golf Bags

The Belding Golf Bag Company is amongst the market leaders in the golf bag industry. Their bags are known for their superior quality, value for money and elegance of design.

>The company basically offers four ranges of golf bags. These are -

? Stand Bags- In the Golf Stand bags range, Belding has three models. They are Contour, Enduro and Ellipse. All of the above mentioned models are available in four different color combinations. The bags are designed for comfort, style and elegance and they are highly popular amongst regular golf players.

? Tour Series- In this category, Belding has two bags- Tour Staff and XL. Both these bags have a tube body construction with a large belly for accommodating several balls and large club heads. The Tour Staff bag has a large plain panel also called the billboard panel. The name of any tournament or club can be prominently displayed on this panel. Strap system of the bag is flexible and can be adjusted to a player's comfort. The XL is an elegant and smart bag for those who appreciate style.

? Sport Series- In the Sport series Belding offers two of its most popular designs called- Bushwhacker and the Classic Bushwhacker. The Bushwhacker also popularly known as the "the Original" has full length divider pockets for greater protection of the clubs. The newer version of the Bushwhacker, Classic Bushwhacker comes with many small pockets for accommodating more balls and other smaller items such as keys, sun glasses etc.

? Specialty- The Specialty category has three special models of bags. The first of these is the Silhouette. Silhouette is an elegant light weight bag designed specifically for female golfers. The bag comes with an extra detachable pouch in which valuables can be kept. Silhouette is available in four color combinations. The second bag in this section is the Airliner. It is a simple and smart bag with not too many additional features and is meant for easy carrying. The third model in this section is called Circa 1904. The Circa is basically a collectors bag. It has a 4 Steel-stay construction and rich leather trimming on the harness.

Later, Belding also introduced a series of Golf Carry bags known as Balance NXT Series. Four

golf bag models have been introduced in this series, they are- Max, Sport, Comp and Gold models. The Gold Carry Bag is the best of the series and is priced at $169 per bag. All the bags in this series are made from a special light weight material called Dobby Rip Stop. They have a unique "quick release tri- glide" strap adjustment system that helps the player to adjust straps as he walks and thereby it helps in evenly distributing the weight of the bag. The straps of the bag are also made of special extremely soft fabric for increased comfort of the player. The bag has several pockets for keeping all accessories and a special insulated pocket for a water bottle. Instead of the usual graphite stand, the NXT series carry bags have sturdy aluminum stand. The NXT series is widely popular amongst golfers who prefer to walk on the golf course.

In their latest line of bags introduced in January, 2006 at the PGA Merchandise Show was the IG-ZOT-IK series of golf bags for the elite. Four bags were introduced in this series. The entire IG-ZOT-IK range has been designed by Steve Perrin, President of the Belding golf Bag Company. According to Jackie Perrin, Vice President of the Company, "These avant-garde cart bags are for golfers who have a strong sense of style and are accustomed to making a statement on the golf course." The designs and colors of the IG-ZOT-IK range are based on European and Asian themes. Each of these bags is handcrafted. Great efforts have been taken to pay attention to the smallest details in order to produce a highly specialized handmade product. The prices for IG-ZOT-IK series start at $1,500 per bag.

Apart from these Belding is better known for its custom designed bags. It can design a bag specifically for individual customers depending on what clubs they belong to and what logos they would like to sport on their bags.

Belding also makes a variety of accessories for golfers. It sells golf bag covers, club head covers, golf shoe bags, flight bags, doctor's bags, suit bags and other products that a golfer may need.


The Belding Golf Company is a name to reckon with in the world of golf. Though the company stayed out of the main league of golf for about five years, it returned to offer its customers the same elegantly styled and well built golf bags that it was always known for.