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Such an undersized or huge article, but very useful and everyone has to have one. A person cannot do without it. Be it a paper bag for carrying groceries or a cloth bag for keeping all your groceries at one place, it can be a sleeping bag which you need while traveling or going out for excursions. It can be a statement of fashion for ladies. It has unlimited uses.

Categorically a bag is a container that is usually used for storing or holding something. Bags are flexible, normally made of paper, cloth, thin plastic or some other adaptable material. A bag may have one or two handles, or neither of these. A bag may be closable by a zipper button or a fancy cord, etc., or simply by folding like we do with paper or plastic bag. Sometimes a money bag or travel bag has a lock. Fabric Bags that are filled with potpourri and tied off with ribbons are called sachets.

Bags come in different shapes and sizes from small ones, like purses to large ones for use in traveling like a suitcase.

Bags in daily use

  • Purses or Handbags

  • Grocery Bags

  • Messenger bags

  • Tea Bags

  • bed bags

  • Lunch bags

  • Laptop bags

  • Tote bags

  • Diaper bags

    Cheap disposable paper bags and plastic shopping bags are very common in the daily shopping as a convenience for shoppers, and are usually supplied by the shop with the merchandise. Customers may also take their own shopping bags to the shop.

    Smaller plastic Bags are easy to get to for storing food items and can be used for holding other items as well. An additional style of bag that has been used in association with such food items is ziploc which refers to the zipper-like sealing mechanism on one border of the bag. Such trouble-free sealing system made in one piece with the plastic of the bag are common on food plastic bags. Bags prepared for food, are generally clear so the user can easily identify what is inside. Plain, reasonably priced, soft, thin-walled, crystal clear plastic bags are usually available at grocery stores for bagging produce such as fruits and vegetables. Fastening the opening end of the bag in a knot can seal up such Bags.

    Plastic bags meant for garbage

    Plastic bags are a more handy and more sterile way of handling rubbish and are widely used today. Plastic garbage bags are moderately lightweight and are predominantly useful for messy or wet debris as is frequently the case with food leavings and also helpful for wrapping up rubbish to reduce odor. Plastic bags are frequently used for coating litter or waste containers or bins. This helps to keep the vessel sanitary by avoiding container contact with the rubbish. After the bag in the container is filled with litter, the bag can be conveniently pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied and sent to the disposal bin. The largest size plastic bags generally available to the general consumer are lawn and leaf bags for garden and yard waste. In view of the fact that plastic bags are usually not eco-friendly, some neighborhood require special large paper bags for disposal of these wastes.

    Handbags or Purses

    A purse or a handbag is a small, often stylishly- designed bag used to hold items such as a wallet, keys, tissues, makeup, a hair brush or all the odd and end small things which is needed by you.


    modern variety of purses were actually first developed in France. They are usually carried by women, though men sometimes carry one as a smaller alternative like a wallet which store their credit cards business cards small and money.

    Coin purses are minute purses, just about having space to carry money and cards.

    A neither too Bags nor too small sized purse without any handle, intended to be carried in one's hand is frequently called a clutch.

    We generally use a purse, specifically, as a money container similar to a wallet, but typically used by women and including a compartment for coins. The larger bag (which usually contains the purse) is called a handbag.

    Tea bags

    A tea bag is a small bag that holds tea leaves or herbal tea infusions, either the amount needed to brew a single

    cup of tea or a larger one, of which one or two are used for a whole teapot. The tea is distilled while still inside the bag, making it easier to dispose of exclusive of a tea strainer.

    The tea bag was inadvertently invented by American tea importer

    Thomas Sullivan in 1908. He had dispatched samples of his tea out to customers wrapped up in silk Bags. His patrons put the whole bags into the pot, believing that was what Sullivan had planned. Tea bags were at first commercially produced in America. Tea bags took off in a major way and is nowadays most popular way of serving tea in trains and planes. .

    A good quality tea bag, with a sufficient amount space for the tea to infuse properly, is a handy alternative to loose leaves. On the other hand tea bags are often let down by the poor class of the tea?small, dusty leaves from many different sources making the tea taste harsh.

    Traditionally, tea bags have been square or rectangular in shape but with times it has also changed and circular and pyramidal bags have come on the market but the shape does not change the quality of the brew.

    bed bags

    A basic sleeping bag is simply a square coverlet, filled with cotton or other material, and fitted with a zipper on three sides allowing it to be folded in half and secured in this position. A sleeping bag of this sort is set by being double in half or thirds, rolled up, and bound with straps or cords. The basic design works well for most camping or traveling needs, but is inadequate under more demanding circumstances.

    Bags? An Overview

    The important thing to note is that it is a status symbol for ladies and you make your fashion statement with the Bags. In a purse of a lady you can find all small odd and end which can be needed anywhere or anytime.