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This age is known by the ubiquitousness of the plastic bag with everything from humble groceries to industrial products being packaged in that versatile piece of discovery called plastic. We use it without even thinking twice about it, because it is so convenient and suits every little need perfectly. Earlier there used to be qualms expressed in certain quarters, about using plastics on such a large scale because they were non-biodegradable then, but with the advent of new technology, there is recycling and also the availability of completely bio-degradable plastics.

So plastics have come to be the be-all and end-all of every packaging need. We use plastics for everything from packing our school lunches, carrying our shopping, saving the left-overs of our cooking and even to wrap our garbage for disposal. There are even nappy-sacks made of plastic that have fragrances to get rid of the smells. It is so popular and versatile that it is even used by the electronics and medical industries. It is no wonder then, that polythene or polypropylene packages have come to be such a large part of our everyday lives.

There is a wide range of plastics available, to suit every possible need of every kind of consumer. This is where the quality of the products comes into play as consumers want nothing but the best. Hard handles in different colors are added to make plastic packaging user-friendly and elegant. The base is strengthened by adding cardboard inserts. They can also be bottom-welded or side-sealed, with gussets or without, or with square bottoms to make packaging easier. They can also be transparent or not depending on the needs of the consumer. There are also mailing sacks for those in the delivery business or the postal department. They can have permanent adhesive tape or be resealable. One can even use zip lock bags (Hang hole or Slider) or open end bags to suit ones particular needs. Sometimes drawstrings are attached with a tape or string to close the bag. There are trapezium shaped Flower Sleeves to allow the flowers to breathe and to separate each bunch from the other. These plastic bags also help preserve the freshness of groceries and other items. Companies help in designing and manufacturing the right plastic packaging to suit each consumers needs and budget.

Manufacturers have the film coating workshop, workshops for sewing and weaving, and those for printing. The printing is done through flexography and rotogravure printing presses for any kind of graphic and upto a range of twelve colors. There are extruders for churning out all kinds of polythene and polypropylene film like variguage, gripseal and 3-layer. Also present are the Conversion/Hygiene rooms to convert film into different kinds of packages to suit the electronics, food or medical industries. These companies go all out to meet customer needs and make the quality of the packaging high-class. That is why world famous brands go for plastic packaging because everything from their particular design requirements, quality consciousness and delivery schedules are looked after by these companies. These companies are thoroughly professional, promising excellence and reliability with their value added packaging service to all those who give high priority to quality. Clients are kept abreast of the latest technology, so that newest ways can be integrated into their packaging. These companies are involved in research and innovation to make plastic packaging economical and more user-friendly.

Companies that manufacture plastic packaging have largely become socially responsible and more environment safety

conscious in the light of the fact that plastics were non-biodegradable formerly. They also provide pleasant and safe working conditions to their workers while using energy and materials in the best possible way, towards the optimum benefit of all concerned and the community at large. Most of these companies want to be good corporate citizens and take their corporate responsibilities seriously. They have facilities for re-cyclying the used plastics thus reducing the burden of plastics littering the earth. They have also started manufacturing plastics which are completely degradable, so that the world is made cleaner and the environment is free from pollution. Everyone has become quality conscious with the increase in competition and everyone wants to gain the faith of the public in their particular packages.

Environmental pollution was a major worry for the governments and people of the world with the increase in the use of plastic bag packaging. Plastics were found littered everywhere from roads, drains and even in the backyards of houses, not to mention the garbage dumps overflowing with plastics. Plastics have even been known to choke drains and cause flooding. The smoke from burning plastics was also said to be carcinogenic. With all these worries, it is good that techniques are available to re-cycle plastics and manufacture the biodegradable range of plastics.

plastic bag packaging has come to be the most widely used packaging in the world today, and there is no question that it is also the most popular packaging available today. It can also be disposed of safely, without danger to the environment or polluting the surroundings. With everyone from big supermarkets to the corner-store owner using plastics, plastic bag packaging has come to play a major part in the lives of people all over the world. It is as if they cannot do without the ever present and all pervading influence of plastics in the world. Plastic bag packaging is used widely, whether for electronic packaging or packing food or even in the medical industry. Therefore it has made in-roads into every area of life. It is secure and provides safe, efficient and versatile packaging facilities for every kind of need. The future looks bright for plastic bag packaging with new needs cropping up for plastic bags and firms coming up with biodegradable varieties of plastic. All this makes plastic bag packaging environment friendly and free from censure from world bodies. The level of plastic bag packaging is improving constantly and the world is a safer and cleaner place today with the arrival of biodegradable plastics.