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Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool

Yes sir yes sir 3 BAGS full!!!!

Ive known bags since I learnt to sing this rhyme. After I heard it for the first time I asked mama if she could buy me a bag to play with. The sheep, the master, the dame and the other characters in this rhyme did not catch my attention enough. Ever since then I think subconsciously; I decided to unravel this mysterious object. Nobody gives importance to a thing like a bag.

Thats probably because it is always available for use and we use it everyday that we all take it for granted. If I had to give a general but an accurate description, I would say that it is the most common way to transport your things from one place to another- a bag. So we may not consider it to be important enough to sit and think about. Even when we go to buy a bag for travel, or regular use, we end up looking at the price, kind of usage and convenience, probably color and the exterior look of it. But seldom is anyone zealous about the bag itself, given its status in our lives.

There is a plethora of bags out there. Bags that are used as a part of apparel; we have a very functional back pack, a tote bag, a duffel bag, a baby bag, and hang on, a sleeping bag! Bags in every imaginable way. According to me Bags are one of the most imaginative discoveries of the Human mind. Imagine what we would have done without them. How would we carry our things According to me most human beings carry something or the other in a bag when they walk out of their doors. These bags play a pivotal role in a human beings life. It could be things of pleasure or things that you treasure that you carry; I would say bags are for life!!

For a person like me, bags are the most interesting part of day to day wear and I like to dress for the occasion and also dress for my bag. In an interesting pursuit of bags, while I was shopping in India, I found these bags called Jholas, which according to me comprise of the widest varieties and a vast usage. I have never heard or seen a bag which could have so many kinds of uses to them.

To start with, these Jholas can be used as a part of your apparel, to match your evening gown or to hang it

around your neck casually with a pair of jeans. They come in all colors, shapes and designs, embroidery, sequins, brocade to put it in short in every possible combination within the world of creativity. People use them instead of their formal Leather bags or Leather Totes. You can own one for every occasion. They come in Jute, suede, leather, satin, cotton and lots more. People in the deserts of India use Jholas made out of camel leather to carry water because it keeps the water cool and you can carry a lot of water in it. Postmen in India use cotton (Khaki) Jholas to carry and deliver letters. School kids use jute and cotton Jholas to carry books. Jholas are very Indian and an ancient version of a bag. It has evolved into a modern thing of use but its history is deep rooted into the very culture of India.

However people who are interested in these kinds of bags and people who mainly shop on the internet need to watch out for a lot of things. These Jholas start at Rs.100/- INR and can go anywhere beyond Rs.10, 000/- INR if it is a collectible or a designer bag. These days in India Jholas are mainly used as a part of the apparel by men and women and are less functional. But if you would like to add color to your clothes and you are not very bothered about matching your shoes with your bag, then I suggest you should check out these bags. Personally I would recommend buying it from the vendor and not on the internet. Because in the end most of these bags are made out of cloth and if it is an expensive one it would include a lot of embroidery and work with beads and sequins. So they are prone to damage. In the end it is better to buy them in person.

I could give a lot of advice on how to choose and pick a hand stitched and embroidered Indian bag. I could probably even guess the price looking at the bag and be accurate about it. Thats because I have lived in India and was brought up with them literally. But what I could never do or will ever do in my entire lifetime is, tell the difference between a Prada bag and a Prada look alike. In a country like the United States you could get designer wear in discount stores. They probably believe in the ideologies that If you can own it so can I and this attitude reflects in all things- Pretty much. When I used to shop in the US, I could never decide if I am paying $600 for a Prada bag or a Fraud-a-bag. In the end I never bought one! Bags like Prada, Chanel, or any famous French or Italian designer ones are so famous that there are thousands of apes and look alike that you start suspecting if its genuine. You could buy it from Bloomingdales nevertheless; the woman standing next to you could be carrying the exact identical bag which she could have bought it in NYCs Flea market. You never know, you can never tell.

It makes a lot of sense to make your own judgment based on the kind of person that you are, what your quality needs are and what fashion statement you would like to carry, and make. There are plentitude of bags out there, so look for it, find it and wear it.