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A Big Audacious Goal (BAG) is a clear and compelling catalyst that serves as a focal point for effort. Unlike smaller goals, the BAG is something that is huge. It is challenging and in some ways seems impossible - but a BAG is also inspiring, compelling, and motivating.

Everyone needs a BAG. BAGs challenge us to be more than we are right now, and to tap into all of our resources. BAGs bring out the best in you by bringing all your talents to the forefront. Goals are wonderful to have, but having that one Big Audacious Goal will make the biggest difference in helping you become who you were meant to be.

Throughout life we will have different BAGs. I have had several BAGs in my life; my most recent one was to complete my doctorate degree. It took me seven years, but the goal of achieving it was so compelling that I couldn't give up. According to Robert G. Allen a BAG, "Scares you, because you know you can't do it by yourself. It forces you to push the envelope of your own beliefs and get massively creative."

If you are going to have goals, why not have at least one Big Audacious Goal. You should have at least one goal that pushes you beyond your self-imposed limits. One goal that is so big that it scares and excites you at the same time. Having a BAG will motivate you to go further than you ever thought you could and do more than you ever thought possible. If you are going to dream, why not dream big and create a BAG that will test all that you are and give you back more than you can imagine.

The E Bag was originally designed as a morning sickness bag, but can be used by anyone who tends to get sick anytime, anyplace. Air sickness bags, like the ones found on airplanes, tend to be small and not very sturdy. The heavy construction and compact tri-fold design of this morning sickness bag make it the ideal solution for anyone, male or female, who wants to be discreet when they get sick in public due to morning sickness, motion sickness, air sickness, and reactions to chemotherapy. This sporty compact bag comes with extra-large opaque leak-proof plastic liner bags that attach to a durable washable nylon bag. A zippered pocket in the back holds clean up and personal supplies. This bag makes getting sick virtually mess free! E-Bag makes getting sick virtually mess free!

Compact : The tri-fold bag folds together to fit into pockets or other bags for carrying. You can also carry it alone by the handle or as a clutch. The bag is very compact when folded, yet when expanded it can hold well over 1/2 gallon of fluid.

Attractive : The bag has the appearance of a casual sporty bag. It can be used by both men and women without drawing attention to the real purpose of the bag.

Water Resistant : The bag is made of durable and water resistant 500D nylon and vinyl. Both of which are easy to wipe down and clean.

Zippered Pocket : The zippered pocket is large enough to carry an individual sized packet of tissue, wipes, and mints. It ensures even the smallest clean up supplies will stay put.

Leak Proof Opaque Liners : The bag would not be complete without the leak proof opaque plastic liners. The specially designed liners eliminate the chance of liquids leaking out into the bag, or worse yet onto you. The liners are black opaque, so the liners blend in with the rest of the bag, and the contents are not visible to theirs. To wrap it up, the liners have tin ties at the top, making it easy and convenient to roll down the top of the liner and secure it closed.

• Simply unsnap the two snaps, unfold the bag, and you're ready for use.

• Red E Bag unfolds in seconds, making it the mores convenient sickness bag available.

• Red E Bag expands to offer a large 11" x 12" liner bag that holds over 1/2 gallon of fluid.

• The zippered pocket on the back of the bag allows easy access to tissues, mints, wipes making clean-up a snap.

• Red E Bag solid black liner with secure fold-over closure hides the contents from view and eliminates odor.

• Red E Bag snaps closed while expanded until disposal of the liner and contents is convenient.

The e-Vigilance Bag

The e-Vigilance Bag Case System a single-strap "carry all" which provides a new, practical way for every American to turn "vigilance" into action by allowing quick and easy access to cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's, handheld personal computers and the like.

The e-Vigilance Bag provides a revolutionary solution to the increasingly thorny problem of how to "wear" personal electronics of the present as well as future personal electronics.

Based upon the revolutionary, design of the e-Holster personal electronics case system, e-Vigilance Bag will not only

collaborate with its owner's body and their personal electronics to provide a new and very comfortable way to "wear" personal electronics but it will also "evolve" as their personal electronics change over time.

The Return of the E Bag

The Cryovac E Bag has returned as the processors choice for poultry packaging to improve hygiene, product presentation and shelf life.

Bartter Enterprises, one of Australias largest poultry producers, returned to the E Bag to improve quality at a cost-effective price.

National Business Development Manager for Bartter Enterprises, Mark Sullivan said that in the past the company had packed the poultry in overwrap PVC film.

Seeking an alternative that conveyed appropriate premium packaging for quality product Bartter Enterprises sought a number of alternatives. Initially, they opted for a boat-shaped tray with the re-vamped E Bag from Cryovac.

Event e- Bag Lunches

This event features presentations of works-in-progress by Penn faculty to an audience of faculty peers and graduate students. This program is designed not only to improve the quality of scholarship though constructive critique, but also to produce a collegial environment in which faculty and graduate students support each other at all stages of the research and writing process. Next Brown(e) Bag Lunch: (date and presenter TBA)

Features of E- Bag

• Patented six-way top .

• New pre-curved dual sliding straps .

• Weighs less than 4 lbs.

• Full-length dividers .

• Durable, lightweight rip-stop nylon .

• Improved mesh features for strength and durability .

• Fiberglass bag stand legs .

• Rain hood (black only) .

• Custom embroidery available.