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Anew session, a fresh start, unused books and a super new bag.....What else one can ask for when it comes to hectic school days. The only difference being that those simple looking bags have now been replaced by labeled n stylized packs. And for the reason designer bags stores are now most sought after by this special group of buyers whose eyes constantly look for a bag that matches their personality. Yup! Believe it or not but it doesn't matter if your child is 5 or 15 the fact is his life keeps revolving around this branded knack sack. And why not After all youngsters just love flaunting their labelled bags-- some with cartoon characters while others uniquely designed in varying hues of pink, orange, red and yellow.

Ah! this reminds us of cool dude Saif Ali Khan who was flaunting those massenger bags much in style in film Salam Namaste. In fact, more than accessories and the mere objects of fancy these bags have also become the necessity for loading textbooks, tiffin cases, favourite refreshments and stationery items. They are vital part of their hectic school life. For Nirmala Pandey (32) a home maker and the mother of two kids a sturdy and a large book bag is must for every child in which they can easily carry around their school supplies. But then she believes that it should definitely be colourful and attractive as bright colours do have that tendency of bringing the positive vibes.

Dangle,drool or drag:

YOU call them by any name. Be it a school pack, travelling bag, knackpack, rucksack or may be simply a book bag but the varities that are available in designer markets today are simply iresisitable. Heavy canvas messenger bags are the first choice of any hip young urbanite. And for the reason almost all designers manufacture bags make a variation of the messenger bags that are trendy besides being comfortable. Also, strong durable strap that fits securely across the chest, allowing the bag itself to sit centered on the back calls for its popularity. Current variations on the messenger bag includes leather, suede, fabric or nylon waterproof materials, but most still maintain the casual appearance with more divided interiors to hold a variety of items. The hallmark of the messenger bag is its large front flap closure, providing easier access to its contents than a conventional zipper top opening.

Another variety of book bag popular among students is the Sling Bag. So, if you have that habbit of slinging a backpack or tution bag over one shoulder then this is the best pick as it is a hybrid pack designed to rest comfortably behind you, while allowing easy access by simply swinging it off your shoulder. Like other backpacks, sling bags also have the capacity of carrying everything you'll need for school, work or play. And the pockets attached to its sides will allow you to keep your water bottle, glares and cell phone safe. For kids whose bags are the major cause of their backaches can lighten their load by Rolling book bags. These bags with wheels work in the same manner as rolling luggage or strolleys and are easily available in most of the brands. Just drag it or drool it without any pain.

Worth It:

When it comes to buying a book bag, tution bag or may be a travelling bag you can easily purchase it at the discount mart, but this usually means youll end up replacing it within the year. So your best bet is to pay more money for a quality back pack or messenger bag at some designer or branded store or mail order catalog company specializing in rugged gear.

Mind It:

When shopping a book bag, besides style and brand always keep in

mind your child's physique and the load of his books.It shoud be such that the kid should be able to carry all his gear in his book bag comfortably. So, the straps should not be tight.

Usually labelled book bags come with padded straps to help ease some of the burden.

A book bag should have ample room for textbooks, notebooks, tiffinbox, bottle and all the other gear a student will carry around during the day besides the separate pockets which will make easier for him to find what he's looking for.

Believe it or not, color is also an important consideration. For example, would you want your child to carry a white book bag or your hubby a light grey travelling bag Guaranteed it will start looking shabby and untidy before he's had it a month.

Therefore, it's best to get dark colors on which dirt doesn't show up as easily.

Some designer bags also come with a strap for the waist this way some of the weight can be distributed to the hips.