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Suppose you have to carry quite a few things at a time and need a convenient and sufficiently roomy bag to carry everything at one go. This is where a tote bag comes into the scene.

Tote bags are a unique type of utility gear that can be used to contain or have room for everything you may need to carry along with yourself ?in total.?

These days, tote bags are quite in vogue and designers have taken to tote bags in a big way. Designer totes are commonly available in the market and you can find an extensive range and variety of these bags to opt for.

A vast array of materials can be used to make these bags. They can be made of textile, canvas, buckskin, plastic, jute, and so on. Some of these may be washable, while others may not be so. Bags made of impermeable materials may well be used for their evident advantages.

Designer bags may be decorated with beads, shiny flecks, and such other materials. Bags could also be decorated by lacework, appliqué, and so on. Stores every so often give tote bags along with their products. They are usually environment-friendly and biodegradable, thanks to the general awareness these days as regards to the environment. These are usually use and throw types, but some merchants may even give re-usable bags. Stores give these out as a means of their advertisement.

Designer tote bags can be used to complement one?s attire or outfit, and even ones shoes. They can be attractive and elegant. They can be used to add grace and glamour along with utility and functionality.

Helpfulness of these tote bags can be recognized without any uncertainty. They offer a great deal of ease and handiness and are also enormously fashionable. The advantage of being able to carry all your items in one conveniently sized bag is simply great. One does not have to bear in mind to carry additional packages or things along with one?s purse or small bag and the likely chance of leaving behind or forgetting something is eliminated.

Some bags can be of general use, while there are bags designed for various specific requirements. Teachers can carry tote bags specifically intended to carry their books and other requisites to their schools, nurses may have bags specially designed for their particular need, and so on. They can be used while going to the beach, market, shopping, office, hospital, school, and even when traveling on short trips. They can be used to carry books, diapers, scarves, important papers, and just about anything you can think of. Imagine how convenient it is when a wide assortment of carryalls can be fitted in just one container or bag.

These bags can prove to be very convenient while traveling when you do not have to carry a large number of things.

Designer tote bags can be of various shapes and sizes. Most usually have a large or capacious main section and one or two pockets at the sides. The pockets may have zips or Velcro to close them with. Some may have pockets custom-made to hold a mobile phone and even spectacles.

Disadvantages of Designer tote bags can be mainly that they are generally quite expensive. You may have to shell

out a fortune to acquire one. Though you may like the design, and color of a particular bag, you may find the cost highly prohibitive. It simply makes no sense to end up paying through one?s nose for something as casual as a tote bag, even though it has a designer label attached to it! But if you must have one of those you have liked, maybe for their style or design, and of course functionality, there is a practical way out. It is possible to find replicas or similar bags to the one you want to buy. Many a times designer bags have similar replicas made by manufacturers and sold at reasonable prices which may be a fraction of the price of the designer bag. Sometimes designers sell out their stuff at sales and you can get the stuff you want at throwaway prices.

Another shortcoming of these Designer tote bags is that at times they may be too large or bulky, especially when you do not need to hold many things, and only a few small things are required to be carried along. At such times, a small purse or bag would be adequate and a large tote bag would not be practical.

Tote bags possibly will have a range of designs and features incorporated to provide optimum room and convenience. They can be designed to be versatile, with the capacity to expand further in size by opening a zippered layer to add more volume if required. These can be attractive and elegant and at the same time be comfortable and suitable for the purpose for which they are used.

You can pick from an extensive assortment of bags presented in the market, but while deciding on a designer tote bag, it is important to keep in mind comfort and versatility, along with design and style to be able to derive maximum functionality in your usage.

Designer tote bags as a fashion accessory as well as a functional necessity are a must have for the convenience and versatility they have to offer. The utter variety and a wide assortment and flexibility of designs offer consumers a range of options. Go all out and get one for yourself according to your requirement, choice, and of course, the resources at hand!