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You probably don?t give handbags the same scrutiny you give your other accessories or clothes; but if a handbag is cute or fits your lifestyle and compliments you than it works wonders for you personality. You can find different kind of bags, in different sizes and shapes and in different types for different occasions. If for a wedding you can pick a beautiful colorful clutch (with lot of embellishments and studding with shimmer brooches, crystals, diamantes or precious stones), for chic look in a party you can go for a small and smart clutch or a pouch handbag that you can hang on the wrist.

Trendy trends in designer bags

The markets, the streets and shopping malls are full of various designer hand bags. There are famous, most-wanted and must have shapes and sizes available in market. The popular shapes that are in demand nowadays and are doing their rounds in the fashion streets are as follows:

These are also must know types of designer hand bags so that its easy to make a pick and to suit your personality.

Tote - It an open top bags with straps or handles to hold it from above.

Hobo bag - Its crescent-shaped shoulder bag.

Duffle - Its a tall shoulder bag with a wider opening on top.

Clutch - A small, cute and little handheld bag (frequently used for evening wears).

Satchel - A large, handheld bag.

Baguette - Its a long and rounded bag resembling the type of bread. The type is named after the breads name only.

Messenger - Its a postman bag a large, shoulder bag hence called a messenger bag. It?s with long straps worn across the body like your postman does.

Pouch ? It?s a small sweet and soft, bag to hang on your wrist. These generally come with a lot of embellishments.

Handbag according to your body type!

Designer hand bags suit every women and indeed compliment every individuals personality but still a little bit of awareness about what type, shape and kind of bag would compliment your personality can do wonders for you here we give you some tips on how to How to pick the Perfect Bag according to your figure.

To pick a perfect bag try to choose a shape that is totally different and opposite of own your body type.

» If you are tall and thin, look for rounded hobo bag to compliment your figure.

» If you're short and voluptuous, choose a handbag that is tall and rectangular or long and sleek (like a clutch).

» In general, the rounder you are in your figure, the more structured your bag should be. That doesn't mean that you have to carry a hard box around your sexy womanly shape: bags in soft leathers or fabrics will do the trick for you.

» In recent years, style has become smaller with very short straps, which makes your bag fit right under the arm at breast level. Close-fitting bags are a great look if you're svelte and want to show off cleavage; not so great if your arms and bust are too large.

Shopping for the designer bags

Designer bags are trendy now a days and every body one wants to posses one and so do you. But have you ever given a thought that how you going to go about buying that real good and stylish one for you. Shopping for a good designer bag is again a very tactful thing to do. To make your buy of a bag the best buy and help you pick the best of the lot here are few Tips for shop the right bag?

» The bag should talk about style and function. Now a day you have special bags for everything. A different for a college going, an office going women and a different one for those evening gala parties. All you need to keep in mind while selecting your type is that what purpose you are buying one for.

» Take time in a shop you are buying your bag and try on handbags in front of a mirror.

» Don't be allured by trendy shapes and pick up something that don't suit your figure: there are plenty of great alternatives that will work.

» Think lifestyle when shopping for handbags: if you're changing diaper of your baby an artsy vintage bag won't do for you.

» Be cautious from the fakes and the look-alikes bags, which are just a replica of the original.

» Apart from compartments galore, for today?s women the must haves in purse are, zippered pockets, mobile

holder, a small pouch for change and coins, grab me handles or strap. So do check these before you make your pick.

Taking Care

Taking Good care of your designer bag is also a crucial thing to do as your spend more on the handbags you need to give them that extra care so that they pay back their value by staying long with you. Here we tell you how to take that extra care of your bags.

» Use your bag gracefully. Avoid cluttering your bags with useless stuff. Keep limited things.

» Don?t scatter things inside your purse or handbag use small pouches to keep cash change, cosmetics etc.

» Keep your the handbags at a proper and a dedicated place of handbags.

» When stained or becomes dull use damp cotton or piece of cloth to clean it instead of using any heavy chemical, which might harm the texture or material of the bag.

» When you are not using the bag for a longtime wrap it in a piece of cloth and keep it with care instead of keeping it hanging for long time.

These little tips would help you in giving your expensive and favorite handbags a long life.

Designer hand bags are something we use to keep our belongings in. But a little bit of attention given to the kind and style you are carrying or hanging on your shoulder or wrist gives an extra oomph to your personality so get on and grab the designer handbags and flaunt your attitude in a different way.