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Lord Krishna's Meera has found new place in people's lives- on the pouches and drawstring bags of pretty damsels. Walk down the street and you will find that the latest fashion to hit generation nextiers is far from labeled low-waist denims and delicate chiffons. In fact, fashion divas, all zipped up are splurging heavy on dazzling Designer bags. In multi hues and designs that range from unique handiwork, sequins and motifs to the imprints of mystic images of Ganesha and Sri Krishna.

Says fashion expert Gayatri Tejwani, "This season, all that glitters is gorgeous so even a little shine will take you a long way. And its for sure that a good bag embedded with crystals and sequins indeed turn heads. Be it handbags, purses, totes, satchels, hobos-- women love them all."

After wardrobe and jewellery the third thing that chicas love investing time is in finding the right handbag. Unless you're one of those lucky ladies for whom serviceability and price are no big concern, you need a bag that is durable, fashionable, functional and comfortable to carry. So let it be the first thing people notice about you ; let it speak volumes about how tasteful and chic you are. Even if you?re keen on creating the well-groomed corporate image, an un-creased business suit and polished shoes just don?t do it anymore. "Leather accessories, especially those embossed with big-brand logos, have become totems that mark one?s entry into the big league," says Ritika Gupta a corporate bank executive. The labels Designer bags labels are in-thing, which can boost your caché and drain your wallet. So, if you are a handbag diva, nothing says contentment like a designer bag hanging off your shoulder. For those trying to pin down the trends, look for these designers (in no particular order of importance): Louis Vuitton, Fendi,Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Kate Spade and Botega Veneta besides, other Indian designers.

Always be careful when buying a designer bag. There are plenty of rip-offs out there. So look out for authorized dealers. Also watch out for ads that scream of authentic stuff with a genuine deal.

Bag that fits is a superhit

Picking a right bag can be as confusing as selecting an eveningwear. So here are a few handy tips that will help you shop in style:

Decide beforehand where in your handbag wardrobe a new bag will fit. Knowing what purpose the handbag will serve will keep you focused while you shop.

Prior to your handbag shopping trip know your budget and be committed to it.

Have an idea of the brand, shape, texture and material of your future bag. This will let you zoom in on those that fit your needs and ignore the rest.

Flip through some magazines and surf some fashion channels to see what's hot for the season. A trendy (or updated classic), fashionable handbag is a great accessory as it keeps your image alive.

Getting a Handbag that fits is just like buying any other piece of your wardrobe; it has to fit your body size and shape to look good. So buy it with utmost care.

Gift to lift her mood

Buying a handbag for a gift is fraught with dangers. After all, it?s something women are pretty choosy about. Something that takes most of their time. So in case you are geared to take this risk just vroom with few safety rules:

Be smart. At least have an idea of the recipient's style. Take some

hints either in pictures or know her favorite brand. This is as close as you'll come to having her actually pick it out with you.

If she's flirty or trendy Casual or funky Just an eye on her collection would help.

If possible ask for a rough idea. Its always better to give a perfect gift than a disastrous surprise. Wide mouthed, lots of pockets, zips, single shoulder or double shoulder strap; and most important ask for the colour preference. That is something women never compromises on.

Flavor this season

Maxed out on handbags Looking for something unusual Well splurge on latest designer mobile pouches. These are

elegantly designed for your sleek n trendy handsets and are a perfect pick for this season. Or to be more precise it?s the latest buzz. So check it out.

Another concept in designer accessory is the fully beaded Eye Glass Cases. Its better to flaunt them than carrying those boring outdated jholas. Suitable for both: Spectacles and Glares.

Shopping tips

Avoid carrying credit cards. Carry hard cash. This will force you to stick to your budget.

Plan your purchase as the aggressive salesperson may push you into buying something extra, which probably you don?t require.

Buy only from an established store or showroom

Buy in groups as it might help you to avail greater discounts

Always check if you can exchange what you have bought if you are not satisfied with your purchasing.