Why Construction Plays a Critical Role in Property Management (Explained!)


Multiple houses in a row with different colors. Image by Pexels


Being a property manager is a big job with many important things to take care of.

You have to ensure the people living or working in your buildings (called tenants) are happy.

You also have to make sure everything is running smoothly and looking nice. But did you know that construction is hugely important in helping property managers do their jobs well?

It's true! Construction is like a superhero that comes in to save the day and keep your property in tip-top shape.


Repairing the Boo-Boos - Fixing Things That Break

Let's imagine there's a beautiful office building with big, shiny windows that sparkle when the sun hits them.

Everything looks perfect, until...CRASH! A baseball comes flying through one of the windows, leaving a giant hole with sharp, broken glass everywhere!

This is when the repair crew springs into action like superheroes coming to save the day.

Companies like Boh Bros. or other skilled construction professionals can quickly fix the broken window and make it good as new.

No matter what gets broken - doors, walls, floors - these repair experts use their tools and skills to patch things up and make them look good as new.


The Steady Beat of Maintenance - Keeping Everything Tip-Top

But construction isn't just about fixing things after they break. A huge part of their job is maintaining or taking care of the property so that big problems don't happen in the first place.

This means regularly checking on and servicing all the different parts that make up your building.

It's kind of like how you take care of your body by eating healthy foods, exercising, and going to the doctor for check-ups.

Maintaining your property through construction work is the same idea - it helps everything run smoothly and prevents bigger issues down the road.

Here are some examples of common maintenance tasks and how often they need to be done:


Maintenance Task

How Often

Why It's Important

Check heating/AC units Twice a year Keeps them running efficiently so you save money on energy bills
Inspect the roof Once a year Catches any leaks or damage before they get worse
Landscaping (yard work) With each season It keeps the outside looking nice and prevents soil erosion

It's like having a team of experts who know exactly how to keep your property looking its best and working perfectly, kind of like how a doctor knows how to keep you healthy.


The Construction Abilities

The different construction crews have their awesome abilities to fix, build, and transform properties!

The Repair Heroes

  • Lightning fast at fixing any damage, big or small.
  • Can patch up broken windows, dented doors, cracked walls - anything!
  • Use their tool belt full of gadgets to make busted stuff look brand new.
  • True masters at making sure properties stay safe and problem-free.

The Maintenance Patrol

  • Like superhero inspectors, they have x-ray vision to spot any issues
  • Experts at keeping everything running smoothly - heating, plumbing, you name it
  • Do important check-ups regularly to stop bigger problems before they happen

These construction crews use their amazing powers every day to protect properties and make them incredible places for people to live, work, and play! We're so lucky to have them on duty.


Makeover Magic: Capital Improvements

Even with the best maintenance, there comes a time when certain parts of a property get really old and worn out.

Maybe the windows are super outdated and letting cold air in during winter. Or the whole exterior looks drab and rundown.

When this happens, it's time for a capital improvement project! This is like giving your property an extreme makeover - construction crews come in and completely renovate or upgrade the old, worn-out parts.

Imagine there's an apartment building where the windows are really old and the outside looks dull.

No one wants to live there anymore. But then a construction team like Boh Bros swoops in to work their magic!

They replace all those old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient ones. They repair and repaint the exterior walls in fresh, vibrant colors!

These major renovation projects are done by skilled construction workers who are true artists.

With care and expertise, they transform out-of-date and run-down parts into modern, energy-saving, and beautiful upgrades that breathe new life into the property.


How Renovations Save Money and Make Properties Better?

Making big upgrades and improvements to a property costs money upfront.

But those renovation projects can actually help save money over time and make the property more valuable too!

Eco-Friendly Upgrades Shrink Utility Bills

One way renovations save money is by adding new energy-efficient windows, heating systems, lights, and appliances.

These modern upgrades use less electricity and gas, leading to lower utility bills every month. It's like getting a brand-new car that sips gas really slowly.


Going Green Saves Money

Renovations can also make the property more eco-friendly and "green."

Installing things like solar panels to make energy from the sun's rays, special drought-proof plants that don't need much water, and smart thermostats that automatically adjust temperatures all reduce waste and utility costs.

But renovations don't just cut expenses - they increase the worth of the property too!

Freshly renovated buildings with brand-new features look much more attractive. This means property owners can charge higher rents or sell for more money down the road.

The best renovations make properties beautiful on the outside, but also build in long-lasting quality and money-saving perks on the inside.


Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring allows one to keep a close eye on all the different systems and components of a property around the clock.

By using sensors and technology to continuously track things like:

  • Energy usage levels
  • Temperature and humidity readings
  • Wear and tear on materials over time
  • Performance of mechanical systems

This way you can identify even small irregularities or deviations from normal operation very quickly.

Catching these minor issues at the earliest stages prevents them from turning into major problems down the road.

For example, if energy consumption starts rising unexpectedly, it could indicate an equipment issue or lack of insulation allowing inefficient heating/cooling. Addressing that right away avoids higher utility costs.

If humidity sensors detect increasing moisture levels in one area, it may signal a plumbing leak or condensation issue before water damage occurs.

The constant monitoring essentially allows for a proactive approach rather than waiting for problems to become obvious. Small fixes can be made before they escalate into larger, more expensive repairs.


Finding the Perfect Construction Partners

Choosing a Trustworthy Team

When managing properties, having a good construction crew is super important. You need a team you can trust to listen to your ideas and make them a reality in the best way possible.


Partners Who Explain Everything

A top-notch construction company should be like a good friend. They take time to understand your goals and give great advice.

They patiently explain all the complicated rules about building and renovations. And they guide you through every step without confusion.


Managing Properties Like an Orchestra

Overseeing properties is like being an orchestra conductor. There are many different "instruments" like repairs, landscaping, and renovations that all need to work together smoothly.



Upgrading properties is like giving them a fancy makeover! It makes them look beautiful again and saves money too.

Smart renovations with new windows, heating systems, and solar panels use less energy, so utility bills stay low.

Freshly renovated properties are more valuable and can charge higher rents.

But choose your construction team wisely - look for patient experts who explain everything clearly. Like a good friend, they should understand your vision and make it happen perfectly.