6 Top Home Décor Trends for 2021


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It seems impossible to keep up with style trends these days. Are we throwing it back to the 90s? Are we focused on a minimalist contemporary look? There are just too many to choose from and keep up with! Thankfully, even in 2021, there are plenty of interior decor trends that are going to be popping up that are easy to follow and are considered timeless.

Making your home truly yours means focusing on what feels right, but it doesn't hurt to be up to date on the hottest looks for your home. If you're in the market for a new change of scenery inside your home, here are 6 of the top home decor trends to keep in mind this new year.


  1. Cottagecore

    Cottagecore, or rustic cottage aesthetic, is the approach of making a home look and feel like an antique European forest getaway. As the name suggests, this decor trend focuses on the raw appeal of a cabin on the French hillside. Exposed wood, raw tiling, and durable rock materials, wooden furniture, and plenty of earth tones accentuate the feeling of comfy and cozy cottage vibes. This is one of the hottest trends to keep in mind when you're planning on a new redecorating scheme.


  3. Colonial

    The time-old colonial decor theme is alive and well, and it seems year after year it rears its head in the interior design world because of how fabulous it is. The muted white and soft blue tones, the sandy beach yellows, and calm neutral colors are a big part of this design theme. Beyond that, shutters a practical and stylish addition that follows this theme. If you check out this website, you can see how they can be implemented in any room. You can turn your home into a colonial/Hamptons-esque living space.


  5. Modern Country

    Up there with cottagecore, the modern country aesthetic is becoming hugely popular. The young, urban crowds of places like Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee have been pioneering this approach to adorning walls with traditional country decors like antlers and reclaimed natural products, but with a modern twist. Your home doesn't have to look or feel (or smell) like a hunting camp, but the warm earth tones of wooden furniture and accessories certainly build on the appeal of the outdoors without the discomfort of being out in the wilderness.

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  7. Vintage/Rustic

    Everyone loves a nice little throwback in time, and the vintage or rustic decor theme is the one for you if you pine for a traditionalist or Baroque interior for your home. The focus on craftsmanship furniture, a combination of statement color and soft dulcet tones will have you clamoring to get your hands on antique pieces. Vintage and rustic doesn't have to look like your grandma's house, but the charm and appeal of that style are what you're after here.


  9. Exotic Influence

    If you're someone who needs color in your life, then exotic influence and distant shore chic is the design theme to go with. Ditching the soft palettes and going straight for the sensory overload of bright, vibrant colors, animal artifacts (think ceramic elephants), and traditional foreign wallpapering is something that will make your home a knockout in terms of eye-popping appeal. It's super conducive to plants like palm or money trees, and you can really go for it with precious metal-inspired pieces of gold and silver to adorn your end and coffee tables. If done right, it should feel like you've stepped right into an Indian or Middle Eastern market, or maybe even a Mediterranean vibe as well.


  11. Eco-Chic

    Many people like eco-chic because it is a more muted color scheme that feels calming, while on the flip side of that token, some people love eco-chic because it's an excuse to go maximal with colors. Whicher you choose, eco-chic provides you the ability to decorate your home with plants to provide life to a room. It thrives on open-air concepts with plenty of natural light. You can add a mix of neutral tones for carpets or rugs while combining it with more vibrant and sun-soaking colors for throw pillows or wall paint too to get the best of both worlds.


    So many trends, so little time. Even so shortly into 2021, there seems to be a never-ending list of must-see styles to adopt for your interior design. This list includes some hot topics and some classics that never go out of style so you can make the right choice to get the most out of your home's look.