Furniture And Decorations: How To Add Your Personal Touch


Dark wall, mirror on wall, bench


Moving to a new place is both terrifying and fun - but it's also a lot of work as well. Furnishing and decorating is somehow the hardest thing, with so many options it's hard to set your mind on one specific vibe. But one thing is clear, you should always fill your space with the things you love, by adding a personal touch you will feel more comfortable and like you are at home - this can help greatly if you made a big move! So here's how to add your personal touch when furnishing and decorating your home!


Show your interests

The best way to turn any space into your own is to showcase your interests. This can truly be anything, from making a shelf full of your favorite books to taping posters of your favorite movies on your wall. This can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, no matter how you put it! If you are a big gamer, creating a gaming space and a set-up that perfectly fits you is a must! This oftentimes looks well put together, especially if you match the gaming set with the rest of your bedroom or office! You can add little details to every room in your home that will remind you of your favorite fictional worlds!


Choose a color scheme and stick to it

Probably the fastest way to transform any room is to give it a fresh paint job! But if you want to take it a step further, make sure you choose the right aesthetic for your home and stick to it! If you like more of an industrial design or something with an edge, using color, materials, and textures to your advantage is the way to go! So instead of just repainting the walls to a color, you like, try to completely transform the space to how you like it. Your ambiance needs to go hand in hand with your personal style, so try to embrace it through smart decor and furnishing!


Comfort is key

When furnishing and decorating your home, you need to focus on keeping the space comfortable and practical above all else! Start with gathering the items according to your needs, if you are looking for a split adjustable bed or a desk and an ergonomic chair for your back issues, those should be your priorities! These things represent you in a way, it's completely fine and even welcoming to put comfort in the first place, so don't shy away from getting lots of pillows or decorating your room with plants and scented candles. Comfort is much needed in every home, so adding things that relax you is a must!


Shop vintage

Shopping at flea markets, going to thrift shops, or buying second-hand items can be a great idea to personalize your space. If you have a wacky taste, you can find lots of unique pieces that can be way cheaper than buying at the store. From funky armrests to vintage mirrors - so many great things to find! This might take a bit of research and some time to find the exact pieces that fit into your aesthetic, but it's totally worth it! If you have a specific aesthetic or even era you are interested in, definitely check out your local thrift shops and flea markets, who knows what you might find!


Meaningful details

It's always about the little things in life, they can truly make a difference! So adding little details here and there can personalize every room in your home. This can be anything from little figurines, rocks you've found while on vacation, little gifts you've received, pictures, and memories - it can be anything. So don't shy away from displaying stuff like that, instead, you should make space for it. You can even create a dedicated area that's meant for little odds and ends, so you can have all your memories at one palace!


DIY decor

If you are a creative soul, you should definitely use your skill in order to decorate your home! This is not only personal, but it's also cheap! There are so many clever DIY projects you can indulge in order to create the perfect decor for your home - wall art is probably the easiest thing you can do! Buy a few panels, some colors, and get to work - even if you are not the best painter, you can certainly create an abstract piece of art, at least it's going to be personal! As long as you are having fun while doing so, the outcome will be amazing!


Hobby corner

Creating a little hobby corner is a must, this is also a great way to give your home a personal touch by displaying your hobbies! If you are a musician, making a special place for your guitars is an absolute must - you can even dedicate a whole wall for your instruments and love for music! But it's all about keeping things practical above all else. If you are setting up an office space or a little corner for your arts and crafts, getting the right storage and surface space is a must!


Set a mood

Lights are a powerful way to transform any space, so use them to your advantage! If you're a fan of bright and light spaces, make sure to invest in some good lighting. On the other hand, getting candles and creating a softer environment is also an option! A lot of people like to dim the lights and only turn on their favorite lamp - so getting an extravagant lap that can be the centerpiece of the room and a source of light is a win-win! There are also colorful light bulbs, so if you are a fan of a specific color like blue or purple you are in luck - neon lights can certainly add to your space and give it a personal touch!



At the end of the day, you should follow your instinct - you know exactly what makes you feel happy so just go with the flow. Creating a comfortable setting out of your home is extremely important, so never restrict yourself while doing so and be open-minded! It all comes down to getting the things that make you happy and surrounding yourself with them!