Student trips

Students are always enthusiastic about a school travel which ultimately their parents decide for them. A student travelling absolutely on his own should never be taken lightly. On a student trip mostly this happens, a child is on his own to make decisions which may lead your child to run into trouble. Kids always think them to be grown up, but they are invincible and most of the time doesn't use their common sense. Before every parent sends their child for such a trip it's very important to make queries about the company, tour group, school, organizer who so ever organizing such a tour.


Parents and students as well should ask whether the company allows volunteer parents or faculty or they provide their own tour directors or company representatives to accompany the travelling students. The student adult ratio should also be confirmed. It should also be confirmed that whether the company provides any sort of student security. The parents should also confirm whether there is any tour group director and under what circumstances does the tour group leader contact the tour group director. How does the company handle emergencies? Does the tour director really contact the headquarters at the time of emergency. These are the queries that every parent or a student should ask before joining such student trip.


There are many such travel agencies that conduct tours for students. They offer discounted flights, hotels, rail passes and also provide opportunities to party as well. Airport transportation is provided to and from a hotel to the student as well. Student travelers are briefed about the trip once they arrive at a hotel. But the student has to remain on their own.


There are companies that provide health and accident insurance, liability insurance and safety features like name tags with a 24 hour emergency hotline and night time security at the hotel which ensures the safety of all student participants.


The moment you decide to participate in a student trip, a well designed lay out of the plan is essential. There should be a well designed promotional program for parents and students as well. Such program will not only increase participation, but also keep the cost low for everyone. Teachers in various schools have used posters, handouts and parent meetings to promote their student trips. They also hold information meeting for parents at the time of enrollment and a final meeting just prior to the departure. Parents always want their kids to return safely. They will participate only if they know that the school is taking precautions to ensure their safety.


While you are on a student trip your own safety lies with you. There are certain safety measures you should embark upon. It's better to avoid deserted streets after dark. If you can't avoid try to carry heavy flashlight. At times thefts occur even in crowded place so; one should stay alert in public buses, stations and street celebrations. Avoid wearing ostentatious jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets as well. It's always better to stick to the safer parts of the town while you are on a student trip.


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