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Projector rentals

One of the most common types of equipment for showing audiovisual displays is an AV projector and one service that AV rental companies generally specialize in is projector rentals. Many types of clients, from businessmen and women to community service groups and organizers of art shows, may wish to take advantage of the flexibility of projectors.


They are portable, offer quick set-up, and can display graphics large enough to be seen by an entire room full of people. Rental projectors commonly range anywhere from 1100 to 5200 lumens. For reference, a soft white 60-watt bulb puts out about 840 lumens."> Many projectors can display multiple aspect ratios (such as 16:9 "widescreen" as well as 4:3 standard format), have RCA, S-video, and composite video inputs, and may be HDTV-compatible.


Small projectors, such as 1100 to 3000-lumen models, are generally bright and clear enough to present business graphics with an acceptable degree of quality. They are strongest in low-light situations, such as small meeting and conference rooms. In general, they can accept input from any type of media player, and most can accept a computer's output as well. Larger projectors, such as 4500 or 5200-lumen models are powerful enough to handle most material with ease. Display organizers for large public or trade show demonstrations, where lighting may not be directly controllable, may prefer stronger projectors to other kinds of displays. Though high-powered projectors can be expensive, many business equipment rental firms offer affordably priced projector rentals.


Some rental companies offer various audio services with projector rentals. Some common options include different speakers, or even powered speakers with an amplifier. Many companies also offer customers the choice of incorporating a wireless or wired microphone and a mixer to mix the microphone's audio with the normal speaker output.


One common use for projectors is business meetings, conventions, entertainment industry or trade shows, as part of a complete AV presentation. Aside from projectors, interactive whiteboard displays are also common tools for presentations. Some rental companies offer projector rentals packages including a whiteboard, a laptop computer, and a LCD projector for customers who are looking for complete presentation packages.


In most of the American cities, both local and national equipment rental companies offer projector rentals. National companies may be able to supply large quantities of AV gear or state-of-the-art projectors for large-scale public use. Small companies generally offer other AV-related services, such as equipment repair or media production. Large, national companies that offer projector rentals generally focus on equipment-intensive business displays and convention installations. They can often supply full computer networks to clients, complete with custom hardware or software installation. They may also offer presentation packages that include all of the necessary equipment for public demonstrations or viewings (including LCD projectors, audio mixers, and microphones).


In many cases, they can also provide equipment for smaller, more modest business uses. Small projectors, electronic whiteboards, and other plasma or LCD displays are available from most business equipment rental companies. Such firms regularly accept reservations via email, and can process orders in as little as 24 hours.


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