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Chiller rental

When you relocate or buy a new premise that calls for the use of a chiller, it is important to consider renting the equipment. You could look at renting similar other equipment too, such as the cooling tower or heat exchanger. There are companies that also throw in dehumidifiers and other equipment to help you avail of a good discount. For transporting these you need to rent a chiller. Just determining a piece of HVAC rental equipment or a rental chiller is not enough.


Relocation of chilling equipment:


It is very essential to follow all the basic refrigeration guidelines to get the best out of the air conditioner renting experience. You can source these form any online or offline resource dedicated to the endeavor. Guidelines on rental chillers help you to find out the best deal quickly. Thus research helps you to take a well informed decision on replacement or maintenance on an air conditioner, chiller or other piece of the HVAC equipment. The original submittal data usually consists of the water temperatures, the flow rates and most importantly the technical information about the chiller.


Identifying your need:


Many times people are in need of cooling towers and rental chillers, but are not very sure about how to size it. You have to rely on rental guidelines to help you size up the information correctly. It is essential to know the GPM of the heat loads of chillers. This converts into gallons per minute based on the change in the temperature during the process. It is noted that a ton converts to around 12,000 BTU, the basic requirement for a space of around 100 square feet. You will also have to understand the other factors that need to be considered for a good chiller rental.


You need to essentially indulge in quality comparison shopping that earns you the required information. With a little initiative it is easy to identify the basic factors required for consideration when renting a chiller. Considering the role of individual citizens in the global warming awareness march, it is also imperative that you consider the kind of emission that the equipment produces and the effects of the same on the people using the facility as well as the environment outside and within the facility. This is also of prime importance when you interact personally with the in house representatives of the chiller rental company. Today, you can rent the facility beyond geographic confines, online as well as offline.


There are a number of things to consider like the numbers of people using the facility, availability of return air and even the insulation. These factors decrease or increase the amount of air conditioning tonnage, which provides the cooling. It is imperative to calculate the volume of the vessel to understand for sure the amount of air conditioning required. All this is based on the determined number of air changes required per hour and the desired air flow. Besides this additional calculations as well as guidelines may be required for the other potential applications of air conditioners, rental chillers, cooling towers as well as other related HVAC equipment.


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