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Financial Aid Help desk will advice and guide the students about how to gain financial aid education. The initial step will be deciding what kind of Financial Aid Programmes are available to the students. The repayable sources of Financial Aid are Federal Student Loans, Private Student Loans and Some Scholarships and Grants. Financial Aids doesnt require repayment are Most scholarships and Most grants.


Online sources to help Financial Aid:


Some of the websites are especially designed to advice the Financial Aid Students and provides complete details of information about financial aid.


The online resources to help the Financial Aid are:


1. University Office of Student Financial Aid: To check the status of financial aid online.


2. Office of the Treasurer: To check the status of the university account


3. Online Free Application for Federal Student Aid: To submit the online application form for federal student aid.


4. U.S. Department of Education


5. Stafford Loan Repayment


6. Calculator for Approximating Loan Repayment: useful to calculate loan repayment schedules.


7. Moritz Application Portfolio for Admission and Financial Aid


8. Guidelines for Establishing Ohio Residency


9. External (non University) Scholarship Search Service


10. Private and Bar Exam Loans


11. Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship.


12. OSU Student Health Insurance


13. FAFSA | Financial Aid Application | Video


14. Student Credit


15. Financial Aid News


The help desk provides the steps of Financial Aid Process in a glance:


• The student should collect the complete information of Financial Aid Process


• Selecting the appropriate loan from the available loans.


• Repayment information


Financial Aid provides some School Aid Tips like:


• Expensive schools may not actually cost much


• Starting research early can aid in school choice


• More aid may go to early decision and early action applicants


• Spending the time is worth it


Financial Aid help can also be done through below resources:


* Useful Publications by the colleges like Financial aid brochure, financial aid award, Federal family education loan programmes


* Online Financial Aid Applications like Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) and CSS financial aid profile etc.


* General Financial Aid Information: College Board online gives an overview of financial aid and information about financial aid calculators and Expected family contribution.


Tax Credits gives an idea about the most commonly used tax benefits like:


• The Hope scholarship credit


• Lifetime learning method


• Covered education savings account


• Student loan interest deduction


Financial Aid Calculators useful to calculate expected family contribution, in planning, budgeting and evaluating the repayment options. Frequently used Financial Aid Calculators are:


• College Board calculators


• Nellie Mae Calculators


• Fianaid calculators


Free Online Scholarship Searches can be helpful in locating various free online scholrships.Some of the recommended sites are:


• Fast WEB Financial Aid search through WEB


• College Board Scholarship Search


• Fin aid on the Web


Financial Planning offers various types of planner guides like:


Education investment planner


• Edwise online Financial planning guide


• Tips for undergraduates


• Hands on Banking



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