Financial aid payment

If a student wishes to pay the loan,has to take the print out of payment details from a particular website and make their financial aid payments at the affiliated banks. Loan Payment Calculator is a instrument which computes approximate size of your monthly loan payments and the annual salary required to manage them without too much financial difficulty. The colleges offer to pay spring fees either in a single payment procedure at the beginning of each one semester or in a two installments. One more option also known as is "Differed Payment system".


Some colleges offer some easiest interest free monthly payment systems. The main advantages with this system includes no late fees, no interest charges; no late fees, 24/7 web access etc.This payment system is directly interlinked with the college online website.


Any of the college will be accepted the below forms:


Cash: It will be provided by the bank with the accurate amount of due payment.


Check: Only authorized check drawn in favor of the respected central bank will be accepted. They should be prepared to deposit directly in the particular college account.


The Financial Aid Payment can be done in two disciplines:


Differed Tuition


Cash payment


Electronic Bank Payment


Electronic Bank Payment


Check or Money order




Western Union Quick Collect


Tuition loans online


1. The payment procedure will be like this:


The students have to go to the Human Resources Office and make sure of insurance social security arrangements before the payment.


If the student is an Intensive English student or on probation period he need to contact the Business Office to follow the process of late registration fee.


If a student wish to pay by deferred payment procedure, need to submit the acknowledge form at the business office.


Even if the student is a cross registered from other universities also contact the business office.


2. Take the printout of invoice from the website.


3. Make the payment either in the form of U.S. dollars or at one of the banks mentioned in the statement of fees at the time of application.


Before wish to make a paymnet required to read and complete the Financial Aid Payment Policies document.


The document contains two parts:


1.Financial Aid Disbursement Form (Part 1, to be completed by Financial Aid Officer)


2.Financial Aid Letter of Agreement form (Part 2, to be completed by Student).


The above documents must be filled out by the applicants to ensure proper payment arrangements for the course. If GSE does not receive the document by mail or fax on or before the final payment deadline of the program, the student will incur a $200 late fee.


Different types of payment polices are available for the Financial Aid Applicants. They are as follows:


Installment Note Student


Financial Aid Student


Direct Bill Student


Employer Reimbursed Student


International Students


Graduating Students


Students taking Internet/online courses


If a student has outstanding tuition fees in his record he is not permitted to pay the whole amount of the Financial Aid. If a student doesn't pay the taken loan before the due date he will be automatically deleted from the courses.


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