Financial aid half time

Federal government offers Financial Aid to the part time and full tie students also. A student is considered as part time student who is enrolled for equal to 12 credit hours per semester. A part time student should register at least half-time is at least six semester hours for an undergraduate program. Half-time enrollment is not a requirement to receive aid from the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work-Study and Federal Perkins Loan programs.


A student receives Financial Aid based on the eligibility criteria of the federal, state, private and institutional aids. To be eligible for these programs, Students should have good academic track record with qualitative and quantitative measurements. If you are eligible for half time program, file an application to the Half-Time Equivalency Form. Then it will transfer to the Registrar's Office.


The Financial Aid Eligibility process starts with filling the FASFA form for any graduate and under graduate students.


1. Federal Pell Grant: If a student eligible for a Pell grant can be also eligible for the grant as a part time student. The factors influenced will be based on the number of credit hours enrolled per a semester.


2. Federal Perkins Loan: If you filed your FASFA application before to deadline, he is eligible for the aid and can be considered for the financial assistance with limited funds.


3. Federal Work Study: If you filed FASFA application before the deadline,you can be consider for federal work study based on the eligibility creiteria.Federal government assigns limited funds for this program.


4. Federal Stafford Loans: A student is considered for Federal Stafford Loans as long as he enrolled for at least 6 credit hours per semester.


5. Federal Parent Loans: Parent loans are designed for part time students parents if the student enrolled for at least 6 credit hours per semester.


The below are the Financial Aid Programs available for Graduate students by completing the FASFA application with Newyork state.


1. Aid for Part Time Study (APTS): APTS is designed by New York State program for half time graduate students. You need to apply before the beginning of each semester to be considered for that semester. You are also required to fill the APTS application before the deadline and submit it to the Student Service Center. You will receive the aid amount by end of the semester.


2. Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): TAP is a program designed for Regular full time students only. But, half time students can be eligible on the basis of demonstrated need of disability in FASFA.


3. Part-time TAP Program: Part time TAP program is exclusives established for the half time students based on the pre determined eligibility requirements.Studnets who were enrolled earlier in prior semesters may be eligible.


The below are the private loans offered to the part time students by completing the FASFA directly with the lender:


1. Private Alternative Loans: Different kind of private loans are designed for the part tie students as per the Alternative Loan Comparison Guide who is at least half time. Please check with the lenders offer options for part-time and non-degree students at the time of enrollment.


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